foundry-furnaceCasting also called foundry is a method of casting the molten liquid metal into a casting mould which is designed of different shape according to the customer

requirement, after cooling and solidification you will get the workblank you want. Induction Metal Melting Furnace is widely used in the homemade foundry, laboratory research, jewelry casting and precious metal recovering nowadays, For the material to be cast was solid and will be heated to a liquid metal through our induction foundry furnace. Due to different requirements, the use of the method will be different.

The Common casting metal are as follows:

1 gray cast iron 2 nodular graphite cast iron 3 malleable cast iron 4 cast steel

Cast nonferrous metals

1 brass  2 tin bronze  3 bronze  4 aluminum alloy

Compared with other casting equipment, intermediate frequency induction foundry furnace has the advantage of high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, less burning loss of alloy elements and melting material, little pollution to the environment what more, Our Metal melting furnace can accurately control the liquid metal temperature and composition etc..below is our furnace for your choice.

Medium frequency Cast iron melting furnace manufactured by COOLDO, have ideal multiple protection functions - over current;over voltage; insufficient water pressure; high water temperature; low voltage and phase loss. It's being used for holding and then smelting ferrous metals, sponge iron, nonferrous and many other steel scraps.

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COOLDO Medium frequency electric copper melting furnaces have power ratings ranging from 15kw – 5000kw with capacity
of between 10kgs – 10tons. So, regardless of the amount of your scrap copper our customized melting system can
cater for the requirements of your home made foundry or a big production plant. Manufacturers and foundries can
benefit from investing in a copper induction melting furnace.

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Aluminum melting furnace is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving furnace which is developed according to the aluminum smelting process.It can well meet requirement of the aluminum smelting process: for example: strict alloy component requirements, continuous production ,large single furnace capacity .Cooldo Aluminum Smelting furnace has the advantage of :(1)reduce energy consumption (2) reduce loss (3) improve product quality (4) reduce labor intensity (5)improve the working conditions (6) improve the production efficiency effect (7)suitable for intermittent operation with alloy and scrap aluminum

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Whatever Ferrous Or Nonferrous Metal, Cooldo can provide you varies kinds of metal melting furnace to Meet Your Melting Application. The Highest Temperature Can Reach Up To Over 2000℃,and We adopt the mature technology IGBT and KGPS induction furnace which is high melting efficiency than other traditional melting method. all our IGBT Mould imported from Germany which can guarantee the power supply quaity,Our metal melting furnace melting capacity varies from 1kg to 70ton ,which is your best choice of metallurgical industry and home made foundry.

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The Bronze strip continuous casting machines can be used as combined melters/casters or they can be used in conjunction with a pre-melting furnace with a cooler for producing the copper rod, bronze tube, brass bar, copper plate, copper billet, copper wire, copper strip etc which widely service for the industries like produce the electric wire, cable, electron, lockmaking, water heating equipments, refrigeration and so on.

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