Platinum Melting Furnace

Platinum Melting Machine

CDOCAST Platinum melting machine is a brand new product severally developed by our company, principally  used in smelting precious metals, such as , gold, platinum,palladium or the alloys of those metals. This  precious metal smelting machine can do a temperature of  concerning 2600 degrees astronomer during a very short time (about 900 centigrade beyond the precious metal temperature ) . It adopts the foremost sturdy and lasting quartz pot within the market with a quick smelting time (within a pair of minutes).


1. Melting capacity:1-20kg
2. Input voltage:three phase 380V,50/60HZ
3. Melting time: 3min-5 min/batch

Features of the Platinum Smelting furnace:

1:Our Platinum melting machine is supplied with all aspects of the device for over-current, over-temperature, overflow, tangency. A series of safe and effective configuration make sure thesafety of workers

2:The melting temperature rises quick, and thereforethe chamber temperature is simple to regulate,The production efficiency is also very high.

3:The machine is economical in melting and power saving, whose structure is compact and overload capability is powerful.

4:24 hours continuous work ends up in a high production potency, greatly up the profits of enterprises.

5:Cooldo Platinum Smelting furnace’s  simple operation and reliable melting operation let any employee will find out how to use our stove in half-hour.

6:Every Platinum Melting Machine is provided with its own pump. it’s economical and practical that the client will run the instrumentation simply with atiny low quantity of water.

7:It owns electromagnetic stirring force, therefore the metal composition is consistent once smelting some alloys. and therefore the product quality is nice.

platinum melting furnace

1-10kg platinum melting furnace video
Technical Parameter of Platinum Smelting Furnace:
Applicable metalPlatinum, palladium, gold, K-gold, silver and copperPlatinum, palladium, gold, K-gold, silver and copperPlatinum, palladium, gold, K-gold, silver and copperPlatinum, palladium, gold, K-gold, silver and copper
Voltage3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz3P, 380V, 50/60Hz
Power15kw adjustable15kw adjustable15kw adjustable15kw adjustable
Weight92 kg90 kg88 kg88 kg
Max capacity4-5 kg (platinum)3-4 kg (platinum)2-3 kg(platinum)1 kg (platinum)
Melting time3-5 min3-5 min3-5 min3-5 min
Max temperature2800℃2800℃2800℃2800℃
Cooling wayWater coolingWater coolingWater coolingCooling way
Water pumpBuild-inBuild-inBuild-inBuild-in