Platinum Melting Furnace

Platinum Melting Machine

CDOCAST Platinum melting machine is a brand new product severally developed by our company, principally  used in melting precious metals, such as  platinum,palladium ,stainless steel or the alloys of those metals. This  platinum melting machine can reach temperature of  2000C Degrees astronomer during a very short time (about 900 centigrade beyond the precious metal temperature ) . It adopts the foremost sturdy and lasting quartz pot within the market with a quick smelting time (within a pair of minutes).


1. Melting capacity:1-20kg
2. Input voltage:three phase 380V,50/60HZ
3. Melting time: 3min-5 min/batch



platinum melting furnaces are specially developed for melting platinum and palladium melting, this furnace comes with a quartz or zirconia crucible, with a melting temperature of up to 2000-2600 degrees.

[ Platinum melting furnace working principles] Due to the use of medium frequency induction heating technology, the melting efficiency is very high, and the melting time is completed within 3 minutes, the platinum melting machine is mainly available in two models, the crucible clamping machine, and the manual pouring furnace, customers can choose according to their actual needs of the different equipment.


manual tilting platinum melting furnace

manual platinum melting furnace


CDOCAST platinum&palladium melting furnace for high-temperature metal smelting in quartz crucibles which can reach melting capacity if 1kg-15kg


platinum melting furnace can install optional infrared temperature detector, the heating temperature can reach 2000 degrees


*Full English Operation Panel,Spainsh,Russia..multi language is available.

Custom voltages of 220 volt, 380 volt, 440 volt can be customized

Technical Parameter of Platinum Smelting Furnace:

Model number CDO-FM16 CDO-FM17 CDO-FM18 CDO-FM19 CDO-FM20
Applicable metal Platinum, palladium, steel, stainless steel
Voltage 3P, 380V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz
Power 15 KW adjustable 20 KW adjustable 25 KW adjustable 30 KW adjustable 30 KW adjustable
Weight 72 kg 72 kg 75 kg 78 kg 78 kg
Max capacity 1 kg (platinum) 3 kg (platinum) 5 kg (platinum) 8 kg (platinum) 10 kg (platinum)
Melting time 1-3 min 2-4 min 2-5 min 3-8 min 3-10 min
Dimension(LWH) 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm 500*500*860mm
Max temperature 2000℃(Quartz crucible)/2600℃(Zirconia crucible)
Cooling way Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Water pump Build-in Build-in Build-in Build-in Build-in

[Features of the Platinum melting furnace]


1:COOLDO  Platinum melting furnace is supplied with all aspects of the device for over-current, over-temperature, overflow, and tangency. A series of safe and effective configurations ensure the safety of workers

2 The melting temperature rises quickly, and therefore the chamber temperature is simple to regulate, The production efficiency is also very high.

3: Economical in melting and power saving, whose structure is compact and overload capability is powerful.

4:24 hours of continuous work ends up in a high production potency, greatly increasing the profits of enterprises.

5:Cooldo Platinum Smelting furnace’s simple operation and reliable melting operation lets any employee find out how to use our stove in half-hour.

6 Every Platinum Melting Machine is provided with its own pump. it’s economical and practical that the client will run the instrumentation simply with a tiny low quantity of water.

7:It owns electromagnetic stirring force, therefore the metal composition is consistent once smelting some alloys. and therefore the product quality is nice.