Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine

Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine

Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine is designed for making jewelry of precious metals. The entire casting process is under a vacuum and protective gas environment to ensure the jewelry has no pores and is uniform.


1. Vacuum pressurized design, no pores in castings
2. Powerful induction electromagnetic stirring
3. Advanced PID temperature control

The Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine is designed for casting jewelry of gold, silver, copper, and alloys from 1-6kg. It injects the molten metal into the casting chamber under a vacuum and protective gas environment and finally forms high-precision, high-strength foundry goods through a series of processes such as pressure control and cooling.

Through vacuum and pressure casting, your valuable jewelry can be protected from oxidation, achieve high density, high compactness, almost no bubbles, and basically achieve no shrinkage cavity casting.

Parts Description of Jewelry vacuum pressurized casting machine

1. Observation window: Check the metal melting condition
2. Melting chamber: Electro-magnetic induction melting method with atmosphere protection.
3. Crucible: Adopt the high-quality pure graphite crucible
4. Operation panel: Siemens touch screen and PLC control, the entire casting process is automatically
5. Vacuum pump: High-quality strong power vacuum pump
6. Power supply: Independently designed power supply for easy maintenance



1:Reduce pores and inclusions: In a vacuum environment, the gas during the casting process is extracted, effectively reducing the formation of pores and inclusions. This can improve the density and mechanical properties of the casting and avoid material fatigue and fracture caused by pores.

2: Improve the quality of castings: Vacuum pressure casting technology can avoid oxidation reactions during the casting process and reduce the oxide layer and oxidized inclusions on the surface of castings. The surface quality of the casting is better and the internal structure is more uniform, which reduces the occurrence of defects and improves the overall quality of the casting.

3: Expand the scope of application: Vacuum pressure casting technology is suitable for various high-temperature alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, high-strength alloys and other materials that are difficult to process through traditional casting methods. It can meet the casting needs of complex parts, provide more design freedom, and expand the application fields of casting technology.

4: Improve production efficiency: The vacuum pressure casting process has a high degree of automation and the casting production cycle is relatively short. Mold life is also relatively long because there is less oxidation and wear of the mold in a vacuum environment. These characteristics enable vacuum pressure casting to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

The Jewelry Casting Line                                 

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Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine Application

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Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine parameter:

Power 20kw 25kw
Voltage Three phase 380V, 50/60Hz Three phase 380V, 50/60Hz
Casting system Vacuum pressure casting system Vacuum pressure casting system
Suitable Metal Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Melting Time 3-5min 3-5min
Max capacity 10-20cm/m 10-20cm/m
Crucible size ∅76×∅56×123 ∅88×∅68×135
Max temperature 1600℃ 1600℃
Protective gas Nitrogen or Argon Nitrogen or Argon
Control of temperature PID PID
Oscillation Induction heating Induction heating
Overall size 800×800×1200 mm 800×800×1200 mm
Weight 155 kg 155 kg

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