Gold Silver Copper Granulator

Gold Silver Copper Granulator

The granulating machine is used to produce master grains and alloy grains, starting from raw material molten by induction heating, and then poured into a water tank passing through a multi-hollowed crucible that acts as flow breaker.

CDOCAST Adopt the latest IGBT induction technology which can melt within 20 minutes, and 24 hrs continuously working.temperature testing & argon protection also available in our machine which can prevent the oxidation.


1:Induction Heating Technology Based
2:Rapid Casting Speed With 30 Mins
3:Argon Protection Available , can Prevent oxidation

[Gold Silver Copper  Granulator]


Cooldo Gold Silver Copper Granulating Machine is used to produce metal grains and its alloy grains, starting from raw material molten by induction heating, and then poured into a water tank passing through a multi-hollowed crucible that acts as flow breaker. 

This Granulating Machine developed by our company adopts the latest IGBT induction Technology. It can be continuously adjusted with the stable oscillation frequency and is equipped with perfect protection, including overcurrent; overpressure; overheating, and underwater protection, and additionally, the switch adopts the interlocking design against the wrong operation, circulating cooling and use conveniently.

4-10kG Small Gold Sliver Copper Grains Making Machine:

granulation machine

20kg-30kg Gold Silver Copper Grains Making Machine:


Cooldo ALso supplies Gold silver copper Grains Making Machine with a capacity from 20kg-50kg per batch, due to the big melting capacity, the granulator comes with an automatic loading tray lifting system, which enables the worker to collect and get out the grains from the machine automatically.

The 30kG SIlver Granulator can melt the 1000oz silver bar easily and make the fine  silver grains in about 40 mins per batch, which is the most popular model in COOlDO company



1000oz Silver granualtor machine

Vacuum Metal Granulator

Cooldo also provide metal grains-making machine with a vacuum model, which means the grains-making process will be done during vacuum condition, which is very suitable for making K gold, and all metal alloy.

A vacuum pump is equipped with metal granulator to guarantee the melting and grains making process will be under the vacuum condition.

Because of the melting and casting in a vacuum state, the metal particles are bright in color, and every metal customer is round and shiny, minimizing the oxidation rate


Parameter of  Gold Silver Granulator:

Power 15kw 25kw 30kw 40kw 50kw
Voltage 380V(220V),3-phase,


Applicable metal Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze
Max temperature 1500℃
Melting Time 5-8mins 8-10mins 10-15mins 15-20mins 20-30mins
Granulating Time About 10mins About 10mins About 15mins About 20mins About 30mins
Casting Method Gravity granulating
Max capacity Gold:2-4kg Gold: 8-10 kg Gold: 20-25 kg Gold: 60 kg Gold: 100 kg
Silver:1-2kg Silver: 4-5 kg  Silver: 10-12 kg Silver: 30 kg Silver: 50 kg
Overall size 1100*500*1100mm 1200*600*1200mm 1300*700*1300mm 1400*800*1400mm 1500*900*1500mm
Weight 150kg 180kg 220kg 270kg 330kg

Applicationof  Gold Silver Granulator:

granulation casting machine application

Video of  Gold Silver Granulator:

Metal Grains Making Machine Feature:


1. Cooldo Granulator Heating coil comes with a low-voltage design, insulted heating, safe, and table.
2. Pure Graphite with bottom multi-hole design which enables the grains-making process smoothly
3. Comes With aStainless Steel Water tank which is an important part of the metal granulator

4.The finished Grains have no oxidization, producing equal particles, good color, and good sphere

5.Vacuum Metal Granulator Can be customized based on different client requirement

6:Grains Size can range from 0.8mm-2mm size based on different client requirement