Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection system

We offer customized dust collection system to meet your requirement. Dust collectors are used widely in many industry where require separate dust from flue gases. It's effectively reduce or eliminate particulate matter and gas streams from many industrial processes such as welding, rubber and plastic processing, high speed machining with coolants, tempering, and quenching.


1. High efficiency,rate of dust removal up to 99.9%.
2. Low operating costs,stable and reliable operation.
3. Energy saving,space saving.

[what is dust collect system]


A dust collector system is designed to dispose mass dust loads,  include a blower, dust filter, a filter-cleaning system, and a dust receptacle or dust removal system. It’s will provide continuous-duty collection and removal of airborne dust and particulate matter produced by manufacturing and processing operations at 99+% efficiency on many installations. Through the use of a cooldo Cartridge Style Dust Collector, these operations can discharge clean, filtered air back into the work area reducing climate control costs. Dust efficiency of cooldo dust collector is higher than old dust remover,which enormously reduces the emission of harmful substance.

Cooldo Dedusting System consist of high efficiency, crease cartridge filters to reach maximum filter surface area in a comparatively small space. The cartridges are designed to supply a low static pressure fall.

Cooldo cartridge dust collector has small resistance, small compressed air consumption, without maintenance workload.  Our dust collector are easily accessed with pull out racks when replacement is necessary.



【Dust removal equipment Advantage】


1. High dust cleaning ability,high dust collection efficiency,less energy consumption, less steel consumption, small footprint, stable and reliable operation, good economic returns. For metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemicals, electric power, light industry, dust gas purification and material recovery.

2. Inspection bags can be kept in the system fan,system under the condition of normal operation of the chamber. Filter bag mouth of the elastic ring, sealed performance is good, strong and reliable.Bag filter bag keel using polygon, reducing the friction and keel, prolong the life span of the bag, and convenient for unloading bags.

3. Dust removal equipment comes  with Airtight design of box, good sealing, check the door with excellent sealing material, the production process to kerosene leak detection, leakage rate is very low.

4. Inlet and outlet ducts are compact, small airflow resistance.


[Dust removal equipment maintenance]


1.Specific people manage and  take notes in each operation of  equipment.

2.Staff should be familiar with the principle,performance, operating condition of dust collector, master adjustment of operating parameters and equipment maintenance methods.

3.Add lubricating oil to lubricant part of machine at regular intervals.

4.Check the dust pulse cleaning system at times ,if it’s not in normal operation,pls maintain or replace in time.

5.Measure process parameter regularly,such as gas,temperature,concentration,if the prarmeter is abnormal,should find reason and handle timely.

6.After process system stop,should keep precipitator and exhaust fan working for a period of time to remove moisture and dust from the equipment. After dust collector stop working, must cleaning, unloading operation repeatedly.