Aluminum Frame Induction Melting Machine

induction melting machine

The medium frequency aluminum shell induction melting machines an economical small melting furnace that is suitable for the beginner who wants to start the foundry business, this furnace usually applied in melting metal from 100kg-5000kg, tilting mechanism adopt the reducer motor tilting which is widely used in aluminum frame furnace.


1. Aluminum frame furnace body
2. Suitable for all metal melting from 100kg-50ton
3. Rapid Melting Speed& 24 hrs continuously working
4.2 year Free warranty time, delivery now

[Aluminum Frame Induction Melting Machine]

The aluminum shell induction melting machine is specially designed for small-volume metal melting application, which is relatively safe when it used to melt metal within 5 tons per batch.

This aluminum-shell intermediate frequency melting machine is composed of two semi-circular aluminum alloy furnace shells, combined by refractory cement asbestos plates and non-magnetic material bolts. It equips with an inductor coil, furnace lining, crucible, and so on inside. The inductor coil of the aluminum frame induction melting furnace is made of high-quality rectangular hollow copper tubes according to the required size and number of turns, which is an important part of the medium frequency melting furnace.

Generally, we will equip with 2 sets of furnace bodies, one for use, the other one for standby. The tilting furnace body is equipped with RZS type mechanical tilting device, which is fixed on the base platform by the furnace body bracket so that the whole medium frequency melting furnace body can be tilted 95 degrees to pour the molten metal out and restore the horizontal position.

The tilting process of the aluminum shell medium frequency furnace is controlled by the tilting control box. This tilting control electrical box controls the tilting and recovery of the induction furnace body. It can be installed on the wall beside the furnace body operation platform, leads out the soft sheath insulation control line, connects with the manual operation button, and manually operates the tilting and recovery of the furnace body.

In order to meet the technological requirements of fixed-point pouring, speed control, and stable operation in some non-ferrous metal casting, the small capacity induction furnace can also use the hydraulic tilting device. When the oil pump works, the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is pressurized and sent to the two symmetrical oil cylinders through the control valve, so that the furnace body can turn over 95 degrees smoothly, The molten metal in the crucible of medium frequency melting furnace is poured out at a fixed point. By changing the position of the control valve, with the help of the weight of the furnace body, the hydraulic oil of the oil cylinder is squeezed out and returned to the oil tank, and the furnace body slowly rotates and resets. The hydraulic control console is fixed on the furnace operation platform.

for more information, you can check our hydraulic tilting induction melting machine details.

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1. The medium frequency induction  melting machine with aluminum shell can save electric energy and water, and has the advantages of small floor area, lightweight, safe use, convenient construction, and wide application range.
2. The method of three-phase full-bridge rectification and DC superposition is adopted, which improves the output voltage, reduces the high-order harmonics, and has the characteristics of small interference to the power grid, small transformer heating, and low loss.
3. Aluminum frame induction melting machine has the characteristics of rapid melting speed and high production efficiency.
4. The medium frequency induction furnace has many protection functions, such as limited voltage, limited current, over-voltage, over-current, phase loss, under-voltage, control circuit under-voltage, infrared thermometer (optional), cooling water temperature overrun alarm protection (optional), etc., which are safe and reliable.
5. The inverter circuit of the medium frequency induction melting machine adopts parallel resonance, the control circuit is fully integrated, and the medium frequency power supply adopts zero voltage soft start.

6:The power can be adjusted infinitely, the panel mechanism is simple which is designed with  internal intelligent control, the operation is convenient, the performance is stable and reliable and low failure rate ,what is more,  the maintenance is convenient, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost

MODELInput Voltage
Rate Power KWDC Voltage VWorking


Power Consumption
GW-0.05-100/1380(6 Pulse)10050010007500.05800
GW-0.15-100/1380(6 Pulse)10050010007500.15/0.12820
GW-0.25-160/1380(6 Pulse)16050010007500.25/0.2790
GW-0.3-250/1380(6 Pulse)25050010007500.3770
GW-0.5-250/1380(6 Pulse)250500100015000.5770
GW-0.75-400/1380(6 Pulse)400500100015000.75770
GW-1-500/1380(6 Pulse)500500100015001750
GW-1-750/1380/690(6 Pulse)750500/880100015001720
GW-1.5-1000/0.5690(6 Pulse)100088050026001.5700
GW-2-1500/0.5690(6 Pulse)150088050026002675
GW-3-2500/0.51000(6 Pulse)2500125050032003590-640
GW-4-3000/0.51000(6 Pulse)3000125050032004590-640