Closed Circuit Water Cooling Tower

Water Cooling Chiller

Cooldo Brand closed cooling towers are designed with cooling capacities ranging from 5 to 300 tons/unit/hour. This tower has two separate fluid circuits, one in which the fluid is recirculated on the outside of the second circuit, which is a bundle of tubes through which the hot water is flowing. It's use widely in electronics, instrumentation, textiles, foundry, steel making, forging, petroleum, gas, chemical and automation industries.


1. Cooling capacity ranging: 5ton to 300ton.
2. Space-saving, no need of water pool and cooling tower,moves easily.
3. Energy efficient and environmental protection.

Overview of  Closed Water cooling tower:

1.Closed water Cooling Tower Structure & Shell

The tower shell is made by Magnesium aluminium zinc(POSMAC) panels from korea with superior corrosion resistance. The serice life is 3-6 times than common aluminium zinc plate, with good insulation performance and great heat resistant performance. The casing is complete with maintenance access doors for internal inspection convenience. We also can use stainless steel plate with better performance to make.

2. Closed water Cooling Tower Cooler

The cooler is core part in closed cooling tower,which made by 304 stainless steel tube or T2-type dephosphorylation red copper pipe. After the completion of cooler welding,all is conducted air pressure to 3.0Mpa and put into testing water trough to conduct pressure maintaining test. The pressure maintaining time is at least 6 hours in order to ensure the pressure-bearing performance of each cooler.

3. Closed water Cooling TowerSpray pump:

Mass flow and low lift; the impeller use hydraulic model design which have good static and dynamic equilibrium. The SKF bearing and EKK Mechanical seal is from Swedish. Mechanical sealing can avoid water leakage and stand wear and tear,easy to protect and maintain.

4. Closed water Cooling Tower Air-inlet grille:

LGH is a special and high efficient air-inlet grille, which have the characteristic like mass supply air rat, small wind resistance,lowing the energy consumption of wind resistance, avoiding the water spray out to the site, and also avoiding the sun shine go interior of water channel which can keep spray water temperature and avoid the dust go inside.




Closed  water  cooling tower  Advantage


Closed water  cooling tower absorbing heat when the water evaporates to cool the cooled liquid. The cooling performance of a closed circuit cooling tower depends on the ambient wet bulb temperature.Below is two type of closed cooling tower:

1.Cross flow closed type cooling tower

In cross-flow cooing tower,water falling vertical from top tower,outside air via filler horizontal,water fall across the airstream.Advantage as following:

(1)  Low power consumption,excellent of performance of heat exchange.

(2)  Compact structure,Space Saving,less investment of infrastructure.

(3)  Low water loss,economic advantages of using recycled water for cooling.


2.Counter flow closed type cooling tower

In counter-flow tower design, the flow of the air is in the opposite direction of the spray water.

(1) Few cooling blind area,high thermal efficiency.

(2) Design of equipment is compact,automatic digital display,easy to operation and maintain.

(3) The tank of cooling tower adopts closed loop, eliminate clutters go into the tower body to produce spraying blocked;


 closed water cooling tower working principle:


Pure water in closed type cooling machine for copper coil within cycle, the working fluid heat flow through the coil by coil scattered into the water, at the same time units around the outside the normal temperature air from the air inlet grille into the chassis, and the water flow in the opposite direction, upward flow through the coil,a small portion of water evaporation and heat, saturated hot humid air from the top of the cooling tower fan discharge to the atmosphere, the remaining water into the bottom water disk, the water pump is recycled to the water distribution system and spraying to coil, in order to reduce the temperature of the fluid inside the pipe all kinds of. Hot air of water box not evaporation of the water is water retaining plate interception and through the PVC heat exchange layer, PVC heat exchange layer in which the water is flowing in the air cooling, temperature is decreased. Fall into the water by the water pump bottom plate, is recycled to the water distribution system, back to pour into the coil, so for circulating cooling. This equipment widely used in induction furnace cooling, cold rolling mill, continuous casting cooling, etc.


Closed Water Cooling Tower Application


Closed cooling tower is used widely in various industries,such as electronics, instrumentation, textiles, foundry, steel-making, forging, petroleum, gas, chemical and automation industries etc. Usually,it mianly cooling for air-compressor,injection molding machine,medium frequency melting furnace.


Table of parameters of cross flow closed type water cooling tower


ModelFanSpary PumpConnection Pipe (mm)Size (mm)Weight (kg)

Schematic drawing of cross-flow water cooling tower




Schematic drawing of counter-flow tower