Continuous Casting Machine

Steel Billet Continuous Casting Machine

The billet continuous casting machine can be designed as curved and vertical-bend according to the users requirements. It can cast carbon steel, alloy steel and special steel, such as stainless steel. The steel continuous caster mainly consists of middle tank, crystallizer, vibrating mechanism, spindle rod, secondary cooling channel,a pull straightening machine and cutting machine.COOLDO Can custom-made CCM for different requirment in the metallurgy.


CCM radius: from R2.5m to R12m
Rounds diameter:
Strand No.: from 1 to 9
Billet length: 3-12m

Steel Billet Continuous Casting Machine Description:


Continuous casting machine is the process of Continuously pouring high temperature molten steel into one or a group of water-cooled copper crystallizer,The Molten steel gradually solidifies into a billet shell along the periphery of the mold, when the steel liquid surface reach to a certain height,The billet is pulled out after the shell is solidified to a certain thickness.The casting billet is completely solidified by secondry cooling system,the steel billet is cutted into length with the cutting machine(fire cutter or hydraulic cutter),the CCM  simplifies the production process, improves production efficiency ,saves energy consumption, reduces production cost and improves billet quality. Now in the steelmaking enterprise, , the continuous caster is almost inevitable  equipped.

Cooldo  can design and manufacture the up-to-date billet continuous casting machine in accordance with the user’s steel making capacity, billet size, steel grades and the user’s field conditions.

continuous casting machine


Small Steel Billet continuous casting machine features(2.5 meters/3.5 meters)  

continuous casting machine billet

1, The small footprint, the worktable  can be adjustable fiexible according to the different installation methods .

2, A variety of pouring ways, can adopt the manual lifting  ladle , crane crane casting, rail car casting, electric furnace casting and so on.

3, The 2.5 m and 3.5m casting machine heightcan be installed in the house, and can design the continuous casting machine under the ground 1m which can be cast directly by electric furnace.

4, The compact overall  structure, the whole installation can be done by crane, short  installation time ,users just need  connected to the water and  mains power can run the continuous casting machine.

5,Steel billet  size is small,users just need to equip  25 or 30-type rolling mill and during the working process,just need to raised temperature 300 ℃ (billet temperature at 950 ℃ or so) to achieve continuous casting and rolling.

6, No limit of the the amount of molten steel, can vary from 100kg to tons , machine can start and stop freely, boot time is short, can be completed in 10 minutes.

7: No detail requirements of  operator quality , short-term training can operate.

8: No Special  requirements on the cooling water, pH, hardness, minerals are not required, any water quality can be used

9: Our continusous casting machine are suitable for  medium and high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.

10:The most simple design structure, reducing items of  maintenance projects to ensure the normal operation of the casting machine.

1. Application of CCM

Casting square billet: 60/70/80/100/120/150 mm2
Casting round billet: 80 to 200 mm2
Casting rectangle billet: 120-200 x 240-600 mm2
Casting slab: 150/180/200/240 mm in thickness, 1000-2500 mm in width

2. Productivity of CCM
Annual output 30,000 to 800,000 tons

3. Model of typical CCM
R 2.5/3.55.25/6/6.5/7/8/9/10/12; 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10 strand

1)Just need a small floor space and operating easily.2)Compact structure, can be installed through hanging the whole machine.3) Easy installation and needs less time. Low requirements for operators.

It can be used to casting low carbon, medium carbon, high carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

Billet continuous casting machine parameter


Technical Parameter of Continuous Casting Machine
Main Technical Parameter R2.5m R3m R6m R9m
Size of cast iron 60-70m³ 80m³ 90-150m³ 220m³
Flow of Main Machine According to user requirements to customized one-flow and multi-flow equipment
Cutting method Artificial, mechanical, flame cutting
Output(flow/hour) 3T-6T 5T-8T 13T-30T 30T-50T

Small Continuous Casting Machine Video: