1Precious metal continuous casting machine1

Continuous Casting Machine
Precious Metal Continuous Casting Machine video
Precious Metal Continuous Casting Machine

[what is  precious metal continuous casting machine ]


CDOCAST Precious Metal continuous casting machine is designed for those need special shaping products of precious metal like sheet pull, tube pull, wire pull etc on basis the mould you have. The machine comes with the argon gas protection which can prevent metal oxidization and loss. The end products draw out process is down pulling direction, With this method adopted can make the products reach more further length.
The Medium frequency induction Electromagnetic field stirs the molten metal alloy and leads to a perfect homogeneity, while the temperature is constantly monitored during the whole operation process.
Hydraulic cutter is available on request, usually for big size plates, hydraulic cutter will be installed to make the casting process more convenient.
To reduce the risk of oxidation during drawing, the whole drawing process can be under the inert gas condition. Usually argon or nitrogen gas is adopted.

[Small Continuous Casting Machine Feature]


1: With most up-to date IGBT Technology to give a medium frequency induction heating stir effect which can make the melted alloy lead to a perfect homogeneity.
2: Accurate temp control system is equipped to make the whole process is under the temperature is constantly monitored to obtain the best density and quality in the semi-finished products.
3: With Varies alarm system, if any error occurred, machine will stop working immediately, minimally protect the machine, greatest reduces the loss.
4: Download casting method to make the highest quality and most ideal semi-finished products. and can achieve a faster casting speed.
5: High-tech cooler as well as graphite casting die tooling design which can custom-made for types of shapes.

Metal continuous casting machine parameter:

Power 15kw 25kw 30kw 35kw
Voltage Three phase 380V, 50/60Hz Three phase 380V, 50/60Hz Three phase 380V, 50/60Hz Three phase 380V, 50/60Hz
Suitable Metal Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Melting Time 10min 10-12min 10-15min 12-16min
Casting speed 10-20cm/m 10-20cm/m 10-20cm/m 10-20cm/m
Capacity Gold:3.0 kg
Silver: 2.0kg
Gold:6.0 kg
Silver: 4.0kg
Gold:10.0 kg
Silver: 6.0kg
Gold:20.0 kg
Gas Argon Gas or Nitrogen Argon Gas or Nitrogen Argon Gas or Nitrogen Argon Gas or Nitrogen
Temperature 1500℃ 1500℃ 1500℃ 1500℃
Overall Size 800*600*1650mm 900*700*1750mm 1000*800*1850mm 1000*800*1850mm
Machine Weight 200kg 220kg 240kg 250kg

Click the link to get the crucible size

1Gold & silver bar vacuum casting machine1

gold bar casting machine
gold bullion casting video
gold bullion casting machine

[What is vacuum gold & Silver bar making machine]


Gold& Silver bar making machine is designed for the custom-made weight gold and silver bars, like 1000g, 500g, 100g, 50g, 100OZ, 50OZ, etc. The entire casting process is under a vacuum environment and the casting process is filled with an inert protective gas which can make the gold or silver bar surface look more bright and smooth, and without any oxidized and weight loss. The Protective gas can be argon or nitrogen depend on Client convenience.

The ingot mould is made of pure graphite  which can be designed into  types of customized sizes, the graphite mould comes with the lid which can well hold the temperature during melting process.The graphite mould is the consumables of the continuous casters, which we will suggest client prepare more in continuous working .

CDOCAST vacuum bullion casting equipment is designed as totally automatic, the operators just need to place the custom-made graphite mould with the weighted gold or silver grains, and then close the melting chamber and switch the power switch to release the vacuum process and start the casting process, the melting process usually takes about 5-6 minutes to finish and the cooling process takes about 6-7 minutes, there is a water-cooled copper plate in the melting chamber, with this cooling plate can make the gold & silver bar cooling in a rapid and Cool will be evenly, the whole casting process takes about 15 minutes. During the casting process , the melting and cooling will all be in inert gas protection condition, so in this way, you will get very brighten and shinning gold & silver bar, which can be sold directly to the market.

[vacuum gold & Silver bar making machine]


1: IGBT technology based induction heating, which can continuously working for 24 hrs.

2: PLC control system, automated spreading, hassle-free procedure, liberation of workforce.

3: Fairly smooth bar surface which can improve your business competitiveness, and increase your business profit.

4: Types sizes of bar can be customized designed, like 50g,100g ,100oz, 1000g,etc, can meet different client requirement.

5: Special square shape design induction coil which is 100% match the graphite mold, so can guarantee the heating is uniform, and the bullion surface is most smooth.

6: Automatic Pneumatic jack will lift the graphite mould up perfectly into the center of the electromagnetic field as well as the melting step will start.

Gold Vacuum Casting Machine Parameter :

Model number CDO-F1 CDO-F2 CDO-F4
Power source Three phase 380V±10%, 50/60Hz Three phase 380V±10%, 50/60Hz Three phase 380V±10%,50/60Hz
Power 25 kw 35 kw 75kw
Control system PLC/Manual PLC/Manual PLC/Manual
Applicable metal Gold and silver Gold and silver Gold and silver
Casting time About 6 min About 7 min About 8 min
Cooling time About 7 min About 7min About 8 min
The Max capacity 1 pcs of 1kg bar or customized 2 pcs of 1kg bar or customized 4 pcs of 1kg bar or 15kg bar
Dimension 1400*700*1200 mm 1400*700*1200 mm 1600*700*1200 mm
Weight 150 kg 210 kg 230 kg
Protective gas Nitrogen or argon Nitrogen or argon Nitrogen or argon
Vacuum pump 63 m³/hour 63 m³/hour 63 m³/hour
Heating technology Induction heating Induction heating Induction heating
Casting mode Auto and manual mode switch Auto and manual mode switch Auto and manual mode switch

1Jewelry vacuum pressurized casting machine1

Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine
Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine
Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine

[What is Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine]


Jewelry  Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine is custom made to melt and cast 1-6 kg of jewellery gold, silver and other precious metals. Precious metal is melted and cast in an argon-protected atmosphere under vacuum to protect your precious jewelry from oxidation, It achieves high density, high compactness, almost no air bubbles, and basically achieves non-shrinkage cavity casting.  CDOCAST Pressurized casting machine come With precise digital temperature control system, the temperature control error is ±2 °C.
Any precise jewellery and metal artwork can be perfectly done with the CDOCAST vacuum press casting machine. We also offer year-round warranty and worldwide on-site training services.

[Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine Advantage]

1: Compact body, small footprint, high work efficiency, 24 hours continuous operation.

2: With a unique induction electromagnetic stirring function, you can master the stir time and also the stir strength, can guarantee the metal melting is uniform.

3: Working with vacuum casting and pressure casting technology, can have a prefect casting process and perfect castings.

4: With perfect electrical protection system, equipped with abnormal alarm functions such as over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, which is safe for operators.

5: Vacuum smelting and casting, the entire casting process is flushed with inert gas to ensure that metal gasification is reduced to a minimum, reducing oxidation, ensuring high quality products.

Model number CDO-JP2 CDO-JP4 CDO-JP6
Power 8.5kw 15kw 25kw
Voltage 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Casting system Vacuum pressure casting system Vacuum pressure casting system Vacuum pressure casting system
Applicable metal Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Melting time 3-5min 3-5min 3-5min
Max capacity 24K Gold: 2.0 kg
18K Gold: 1.5 kg
925 Silver: 1.0 kg
24K Gold: 4.0 kg
18K Gold: 3.0 kg
925 Silver: 2.0 kg
24K Gold: 6.0 kg
18K Gold: 4.0 kg
925 Silver: 3.0 kg
Max temperature 1600℃ 1600℃ 1600℃
Protective gas Nitrogen or Argon Nitrogen or Argon Nitrogen or Argon
Control of temperature PID PID PID
Oscillation Induction heating Induction heating Induction heating
Overall size 720×700×1150 mm 720×700×1150 mm 720×800×1150 mm
Weight 210 kg 215 kg 250 kg

1Small Upward Casting Machine1

continuous casters1
upward casting machine video
continuous casters video

CDOCAST Small upward casting machine is ideal for the production for gold, silver, copper wires, sheets, or tubes, with the outstanding properties of high conductivity and good drawability. Our Continuous caster have been designed with the most up-to-date technoloy to give you semi-finished production with the best quality in the shortest time.

you can obtain the desired products such as wires , sheets, tubes with customized sizes with only one machine ,Our Upward continuous casting line comes with the melting furnace techology of Medium frequency induction heating which can stir the molten alloy and leads to a perfect homogeneity, the production capacity range from 30-100kg per batch, different rods diameters can be chosen : 8mm, 16mm,20mm etc, Tubes can also be cast in our machine, meanwhile,our continuous caster can continuously work for 24hrs, and even can stop casting process anytime you like

The upward casting machine is driven by servo motors in order to guarantee high stability in speed and high precision control. The Drawing speed is about 1000mm per minute, and the melting time usually takes about 30 minutes.

During drawing process,the crucible will be  Covered with charcoal to prevent oxygen from entering molten metal,which can greatly reduce the risk of oxidation during drawing.

Hydraulic or sawing cutting on the run is available on request, with automatic and programmable measurement of the profile length.

Silicon graphite is adopted in this system,which  we have proved tohave a longer lifetime ,and  replace crucible only takes about 15 minutes which is very convenient for the operater.

Model number CDO-UP45
Voltage 3P, 380V, 50/60Hz
Power 45kw
Applicable metal Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Maximum temperature 1600℃
Temperature control range 0-1300℃
Melting time 30 minutes
Drawing speed 1000mm per minute
Cast scope Metals Rod, Pipe, Plate
Dimensions 120(L)*63(W)*150(H)cm
Weight 400kg

1Centrifugal vacuum casting machine1

Centrifugal vacuum casting machine
Centrifugal vacuum casting machine

CDOCAST Centrifugal vacuum casting machine, mainly used in casting platinum &stainless steel, also suitable for casting small amounts of precious metals such as K gold and silver.
The infrared temperature control system can accurately monitor the temperature of the whole casting process and the whole casting process is under the vacuum melting condition with argon or nitrogen can be filled in the melting chamber to effectively reduce the oxidation reaction of the casting. CDOCAST centrifugal casting machine design with Unique double swing arm structure which can maximum centrifugal force, and driven by high-performance servo motor for increased rotational acceleration and centrifugal speed.


1: Induction heating technology with rapid melting speed and ability of 24 hrs working continuously.

2: Compact design easy operation which can greatly save the space of the users.

3: IGBT Inverter having the latest innovative and efficient technology.

4: User programmable auto-casting cycle.

5: Maintenance-friendly design.

6: With temperature can reach up to 2000C within 2-3 minutes, can be suitable for high melting point metal like platinum, stainless steel.

Model CDO-CE18
Power 18kw
Voltage 3P, 380V, 50/60Hz
Applicable metal Platinum / Palladium / Stainless steel
Melting time 2min
Max capacity 300g (platinum)
Max temperature 2000℃
Overall Size 800*600*1200mm
Weight 230kg

1Gold silver copper granulating machine1

granulation casting machine1
gold granulator video
Gold Silver Copper Granulating Machine1

The gold silver granulating machine is used to produce master grains and alloy grains, starting from raw material molten by induction heating, and then poured into a water tank passing through a multi-hollowed crucible that acts as flow breaker.
The induction power supply Adopt solid-state technology which is the latest and most advanced IGBTs Modular available worldwide. Melting Chamber is designed separate from power cabinet, when granulator is applied in K-gold granulating, usually a furnace cover will be added in case the oxygen will enter during the casting process. Some will even vacuum the melting chamber to get the best result for some special metal.

The granulator can be suitable for gold, silver, copper …etc, and the metal grains come out from the granulator will be in Uniform particle size &bright color. Our machine will be your ideal choice for your metal casting career.


1. Heating coil with low-voltage design, insulted heating, safe, and table.
2. The induction generator is designed to allow the homogenization of the alloy thanks to the stirring effect of the magnetic field which works while the metal is being melted in the crucible.
3. Water in the tank is continuously circulating and it is cooled by a powerful chiller to keep the process variables under control and obtaining consistency and quality in the produced grains.
4. Easy to get materials from granulating barrel and can supplement cooling water.
5. The finished products have no oxidization, producing equal particles, good color and good sphere.

Power 15kw 25kw 35kw 45kw
Voltage 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Applicable metal Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze
Max temperature 1600℃ 1600℃ 1600℃ 1600℃
Melting time 8-10min 10-12min 10-15min 20-25min
Casting method Gravity granulation Gravity granulation Gravity granulation Gravity granulation
Max capacity Gold: 10 kg Gold: 20 kg Gold: 30 kg Gold: 50 kg
Silver: 5 kg Silver: 10 kg Silver: 20 kg Silver: 35 kg
Overall size 1100*500*1100mm 1200*600*1200mm 1300*700*1300mm 1400*800*1400mm
Weight 150kg 180kg 220kg 270kg

1High temperature rotary burning furnace1

burnout furnace
burnout furnace 1

Wax burnout furnace is used for melting and flowing the wax in the plaster mold and a hollow plaster mold is obtained in the process of jewelry casting.
Special design for two-time burning; it will re-collect those not fully burnt during the dewaxing process and let them be burnt again for full combustion, and reducing the wax flavor in the environment as much as possible.


1: The burning temperature is unformed and the temperature accuracy can be 2 degree with the temperature displace can be 0-1200C.

2: Max burning temperature is 900 Degree, and max temperature protection is designed, once the temperature is over than the set temperature, the power supply will be cut automatically, so can guarantee the machine and the castings can be well protect from damage.

3: With second burning function, can Re-burning the exhaust gas in the furnace, Minimize air pollution and is an extremely environmentally friendly device.

4: Built-in two-layer rotating turntable, it can hold 40pcs 4*8 flask, and the single-layer load is about 50Kg, which is very suitable for large-scale jewelry manufacturers.

5: Touch screen editable program system, with running data logging function, can store data running continuously for 30 days, support U disk CSV export data record file.

Model CDO-RB15
Voltage 3-phase 380V, 50/60 Hz
Power 15KVA (380V) (including secondary burner)
Weight About 600 kg
Dimensions 1020 *1020*2130mm (including secondary burner)
Max temperature 850 °C
Furnace plate Φ520mmx 2 furnace plates
Flask quantity 37 (φ100mm) 45 (φ89mm)
Max height of the flask 230 (height) mm

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