Gold Melting Machine (Integrated Type)

Gold Smelting Machine(1-10kg)

This gold melting machine is designed for 1-8kg. which is suitable for melting precious metal like gold,silver,copper,zinc.etc. With speedy melting time could be realized within 3-5min. When melting process is done, you just need to pick up the crucible with the crucible tong and pour the molten liquid into the mould.


• Miniature and light weight, economic space occupation, easy installation.
• Enhanced monitoring and diagnostics system device, guarantee the machine of high stability, reliability and security.
• Customized services, which made machines as per customer’s requirement.

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Cooldo Gold melting machine  is Based on the latest and most advanced IGBT induction technology, this small  gold melting machine can saves 15-30% energy than KGPS,100% full load,with low power consumption. the power supply varies from 5kw-25kw for this series furnace.

[Gold melting machine Principle] 

Cooldo Integrated  Gold melting machine is a Lift and Pour induction melting  machine  that is ideal for melting gold, silver and copper and can be configured to melt steel and other high temperature alloys.

The melting  capacity varies from 4-10kg Gold/Silver/Platinum melting in graphite crucibles or 1-5kg of Steel melting in ceramic crucibles. The crucible is extractable by means of matched tong.

Induction coil is electrically insulated from Air Conditioning power keys, in order to ensure maximum security to the customer, while digital technology makes these heating systems noiseless, flexible as well as trustworthy.
Fibre optics connections give the highest possible resistance to electrical noise additionally in severe atmosphere.

Temperature level control can be chosen between IR optical pyrometer and thermocouple while the electronic board carries out an advanced self-tuning thermoregulation algorithm with exact temperature level control.

[Gold Melting Machine Feature]


1.Meting time in fews minutes for all gold,silver,cooper,iron,steel,lead ect other metal

2.Portable gold melting machine design

3.Cooldo  Gold  melting machine comes With electromagnetic stir function,better for melting even,less impurity installed temperature controller ,show and control metal temperature,after reach at requirementtemperature,will stop heating or keep temperature.

4. Our Gold Melting Machine use IGBT modle from Germany

[Parameter of integrated gold melting equipment]

Applicable metalGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloysGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloysGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloysGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Voltage380 V380 V380 V380 V
Power8 kw(adjustable)10 kw(adjustable)12 kw(adjustable)15 kw(adjustable)
Weight46 kg46 kg46 kg60 kg
Max capacityGold: 1-4 kgGold: 6-8 kgGold: 8-10 kgGold: 10-15 kg
Melting time3-5 min3-5 min3-5 min3-5 min
Max temperature1600℃1600℃1800℃1800℃
Temperature control k-typeOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Water pumpEquippedEquippedEquippedEquipped

[Gold melting equipment Application]

1-10kg Integrated gold smelting machine onsite:

Integrated Type Melting Furnace