Gold Melting Furnace

Induction Gold Melting Furnace

Cooldo Patented designed Gold Melting furnace has the melting capacity varies from 1kg to 100kg,Which is stable &reliable. It is applied in melting non-ferrous metal,especially for precious metal melting,such as gold,silver,platinum. The Simens PLC control system is optional to meet your strict requirement. You can also equip the temperature controller ,Blowing Mouth,Travel Switch...Etc


1. Melting Capacity: 10-100kg.
2. Lower power consumption,Environmental Protection.
3.100% full load, 24 hours continuous work capacity.
4.The input voltage can be changed according to your country's requirement.

[What is gold melting furnace?]


IGBT Gold Induction Melting Furnace is the most advanced melting technology in the Gold ,Silver,Platinum,Copper,Steel Melting Industry.This system is the best choice for lab, jewelry shop , research institute and mining company comparing with gas melting device and resistance melting type.

[Gold Melting Furnace Feature]


1), The IGBT Technology can save 15-30% energy than the KGPS technology with full load.
2), Easy installation and convenient maintenance according with the video or operation manual from CDOCAST.
3), 1 Square meter or more less space for the furnace occupied.
4), Easy exchange the crucible if you melting different metal.
5), 24 hours continuously working on duty with full load.
6), low pollution, low noise and low power consumption.
7), The metal furnace with full protection switch like over voltage, over-current, over-heating etc for avoid error operation.

[Gold melting furnace application]


[ Types of Gold Melting Furnace Category]


CDOCAST Provided several series of systems & equipment pieces for melting gold, silver and copper.  The Integrated Type Gold Melting Machine are an entry level system designed for small shop melting. Which capacity varies from 1kg-10kg, And the power supply the the melters range from 5kw to 45kW .There are mainly two types crucibles:graphite or ceramic crucibles using two different load circuits .(Remark: graphite crucible suitable for ,Gold, Silver, Copper , ceramic crucible Crucible suitable for metal: Patinum, Palladium, Steel)

CDOCAST gold melting Machine has the superior quality with temperature control system as the optional system, and All Our Gold Melting Furnace adopt the inside-built water cooling system which the customers just need to connect the water pipe with flow water that can run the machine normally.

Gold melting Furnace has stable Operation with Unbelievable melting speed. Typical melt times for a full load of material is about 15 minutes for the first melt and 10 Minutes for subsequent melts.

For fast melt times for small batch gold, silver and copper melting the Easy Type Potrable  Gold melting pot  is offered.  This type gold & silver melting equipment specially designed for the 1-3kg  Capacity melting, the compact design allows each model can be portable and easily on a bench-top,What is more,our Portable Gold Melting Pot Designed with the power supply of Single phase ,220V which can melt 3kg gold in approximately 3minutes and can work continuous for 24 hours per day.

For larger volume melts, CDOCAST  Recommended Our Tilting Gold Smelters. These types can be suitbable for 10kg-500kg capacity with the power supplies from 5kw to 300 kW .The Tilt gold smelters are equipped with either Hand-Wheel, Electro-Mechanical or hydraulic tilt systems, depending upon the load being melted and customer preference, The tilt Types can be equipped The Simens PLC control system ,also equip the temperature controller ,Blowing Mouth,Travel Switch…Etc to operate the system and monitor the critical operating data.  

The 15 and 45 kW Gold Smelter can be  operate with a Automatic Motor Tilting System, which can be operated at the furnace or remotely, the workers just need to press the botton in the power panel which can accurately control the whole tiling process.

while the 50 and 500 kW systems are more suitable  with a hydraulic tilt system which is more safe for the furnace.

Please do not hesitate to contact COOLDO today to see how Induction Heating can benefit your application.

Technical Parameter of integrated gold melting machine
NameModelMelting timeVoltagePowerWeightMax temp.
1-2 kgHS-1G3-5 mins220V± 10%5 kw28 kg1650℃
1-4 kgHS-29FL3-5 mins380V8 kw46 kg1600℃
6-8 kgHS-28FL3-5 mins380V10 kw46 kg1600℃
8-10 kgHS-27FL3-5 mins380V12 kw46 kg1800℃
10-15 kgHS-26FL3-5 mins380V15 kw60 kg1800℃
Technical Parameter of tilting gold melting machine
ModelFe, ssCu, Au, AgAl, Al-alloyModelFe, ssCu, Au, AgAl, Al-alloy
Remark: Above melting capacity sheet for general reference;
Melting duration:  When the crucible is hot,20~30min./workload;
When the crucible is cold(first melt),40~50min./ workload.