Gold Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine

Gold Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine

Gold Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine is designed for those ingot casting of gold, silve or other precious metal on basis of the customized mould. In the process of metal heating, The machine can vacumm pumping or inert gas inflate to make the gold or silver ingot surface looks more bright and smoothy, and without any oxidized or other loss.
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1, Four Pieces gold casting a time
2, Vacuum protection during heating process.
3, Continuous process monitoring by sensors

[Gold Silver bar  Vacuum Casting machine]


CDOCAST  Gold Vacuum Casting Machine  are developed to manufacture any dimension of ingots, from 100 g to 15kilo-bar either in gold or silver. You just need to put the pre-weighted gold/silver grains or powder into our custom-designed graphite mould, and then positioned inside the Vacuum melting chamber, during the solidification phase the ingot will be  cooled  down suitably by the custom design water cooling induction coil in the melting chamber.

Our vacuum  gold bar making machine is  totally  design as automatic casting, the operator only has to filled in the graphite mould with the  pre-weighted raw material, like gold powder, gold grain, close the door of the melting chamber as well as press the START switch to release the automatic cycle,  the casting will started automaticly,  after finished the casting cycle, you can abtain the gold or silver bar which is ready for the market

During the whole casting process, the  whole melting  and cooling down process will takes place in a closed chamber , we have designed an automatic program which can vacuum the melting chamber automatic, you just press the bottom of  vacuum , the vacuum process will be automatic done within 5 minutes, what is more, inert gas  like Argon or Nitrogen will be filled in the melting chamber which can prevent the silver or gold from Oxidation.


[Gold Vacuum casting machine Technology]


The Heart technology of our Gold silver Ingot Vacuum casting machine is the induction generator and induction coil, we design them to maximized the heat transfer during the cycle and the induction coil is designed as the square shape which is 100%  match the shape of the mould which can gurantee the melting  is uniform,  our engineer team also design  pneumatic jack  which  will lift the graphite mould  up perfectly into the center of the electromagnetic field as well as the melting step will start.

[Gold silver Ingot Vacuum casting machine Feature]


1.Cooldo  Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine Based on the IGBT Technology which is fast in melting speed, 5-8 minutes can finished one circle casting process

2.Cooldo Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine comes with PLC control system design ,automated spreading, hassle-free procedure, liberation of workforce

3.Cooldo Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine is one of the most saving, safe as well as reliable method for gold and silver bullion making until now.

4.The whole process is under the vacuum condition, so It can avoid bullion’s oxidation, shrinking, as well as water wave under vacuum

5.Full Automatic PLC With Seimens Touch Screen which can gurantee the convenience operation of the whole process, and improve the operation accuracy .

6. Cooldo Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine can 24 Hr continuous functioning will satisfy your long-time casting goal.

7.Fairly Smooth surface which can improve your bullion competitiveness, and increase your business profit.

[Gold silver Ingot Vacuum casting machine PLC control Panel]


Vacuum casting machine PLC (1)

Video Of  Vacuum  Gold Bar Making Machine( 4 pcs one circle):

Video of Vacuum Gold /Silver Bullion Making Machine.(one bullion one circle):

vacuum ingot casting machine

Gold Vacuum Casting Machine Parameter :

Model numberCDO-F1CDO-F2CDO-F4
Power sourceThree phase 380V±10%, 50/60HzThree phase 380V±10%, 50/60HzThree phase 380V±10%,50/60Hz
Power25 kw35 kw75kw
Control systemPLC/ManualPLC/ManualPLC/Manual
Applicable metalGold and silverGold and silverGold and silver
Casting timeAbout 6 minAbout 7 minAbout 8 min
Cooling timeAbout 7 minAbout 7minAbout 8 min
The Max capacity1 pcs of 1kg bar or customized2 pcs of 1kg bar or customized4 pcs of 1kg bar or 15kg bar
Dimension1400*700*1200 mm1400*700*1200 mm1600*700*1200 mm
Weight150 kg210 kg230 kg
Protective gasNitrogen or argonNitrogen or argonNitrogen or argon
Vacuum pump63 m³/hour63 m³/hour63 m³/hour
Heating technologyInduction heatingInduction heatingInduction heating
Casting modeAuto and manual mode switchAuto and manual mode switchAuto and manual mode switch