Small Induction melting furnace

11-15kg Integrated Crucible Induction Melting Machine1

Small Induction Melting Machine
Small Induction Melting Machine video
Small Induction Melting Machine

The Integrated Graphite Crucible Induction melting machine is designed for melting 1g – 15kg gold, silver, platinum, it is also suitable to melt other precious metals.

CDOCAST small furnace for melting metal is based on the latest and most advanced IGBT induction technology, This is compact design with water pump, power cabinet, and melting chamber combined into one, graphite crucible & quartz crucible can be selected according to different types metals, graphite crucible is adopted when melt gold, silver, copper, while when platinum, Palladium is melted, we will choose the quartz crucible which can reach temperature up to 2000C, CDOCAST Small jewelry furnace can maximize working area. This furnace is ideal choice for your small jewelry shop, university lab ..etc

  1. Advanced metal melting equipment for gold, silver, copper and some other precious metals
  2. Apply IGBT Mould technology, can continuous working with 24hrs
  3. 100% full loading, with ability of 24hrs continuous working
  4. Compact design with small size and low weight, maximum reduce
  5. Quick temperature rise, only 3 minutes can melt one batch, electricity saving, low melting cost with high efficiency
  1. Noise reduction
  2. Better protection for power component
  3. Fast melting rate
  4. Low unit consumption
  5. 2 year warranty
  6. If any quality problem in the warranty time , CDOCAST provide you the refund
Model numberCDO-26FLCDO-27FLCDO-28FLCDO-29FL
Applicable metalGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloysGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloysGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloysGold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Voltage380 V380 V380 V380 V
Power15 kw (adjustable)12 kw (adjustable)10 kw (adjustable)8 kw (adjustable)
Weight60 kg46 kg46 kg46 kg
Max capacityGold: 10-15 kgGold: 8-10 kgGold: 6-8 kgGold: 1-4 kg
Melting time3-5 min3-5 min3-5 min3-5 min
Max temperature1800℃1800℃1600℃1600℃
Temperature control k-typeOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Water pumpEquippedEquippedEquippedEquipped

11-15kg Manual Tilting Small Induction Melter1

Small Induction Melting Machine
Small Induction Melting Machine
Small Induction Melting Machine

This small manual tilting induction melter is designed for small quantity metal melting. This furnace can be suitable for melt gold, silver, platinum copper, mostly all ferrous metal and non ferrous metals, It have rapid temperature rise speed which can reach 1800C within 3 minutes, and power supply range from 10kw-35kw.The manual tilting system enhances the tilting process easy and convenient, moreover, this design also is economical which is an ideal choice for the small casting, jewelry DIY, workshop, goldsmith etc.

  1. More than 5-15% power saving compare with existing system
  2. Super heat IGBT Technology is highly reliable and efficient
  3. Constannt full power from start to end
  4. No Molten metal is required for melting to start
  5. Hand manual tilting operated, which can be easy to pour out the molten metal
  6. Wide range of suitable parameters for different metal alloying
  7. Graphite or quartz crucible is choose to melt types of metals
  8. No noise during operation which can guarantee the most convenient operation environment.
  1. 2 year warranty
  2. Better protection for power component
  3. Handed tilting system
  4. Low energy consumption
  5. Optional LCD PARAMETER
  6. User friendly controls
MAX input power15KW25KW35KW45KW70KW90KW110KW160KW
MAX input current23A36A51A68A105A135A168A240A
Input voltageThree-phase 340V ~420V 50/60Hz
Oscillation frequency1K~20KHz
Requirement of cooling waterHydraulic pressure≥0.2Mpa≥0.3Mpa
Flow rate≥6L/Min≥20L/Min
Temperature of water≤45℃
Generator boxWeight28kg29kg52kg52kg57kg91kg99kg134kg
Transformer boxWeight35kg35kg35kg38kg52kg68kg95kg95kg

120-80kg Chain Motor Tilting Metal Melting Furnace1

Small Induction Melting Machine
Small Induction Melting Machine
10-50kg Push Out Small Induction Melting Machine1

The chain motor tilting melting furnace is designed mainly for 20-80kg capacity gold, silver ,copper melting ,the power supply range  from 25kw-80kw , The motor of the small induction furnace drives the chain to realize the tilting, stability and safety, Temperature control system comes with the furnace which can realize the whole melting process. Water pump is installed inside of the power cabinet which can guarantee the water cooling of the whole system. Both left and right side plates are made of the heavy duty aluminum casting for higher strength.

  1. Ideal For 20-80kg ferrous metal & non-ferrous foundries, also for small gold mine
  2. Designed for fastest melting speed at lowest cost.
  3. Highly reliable and efficient IGBT based inverter design can greatest save energy consumption
  4. Types of safety alarm system is installed to guarantee the operation more safe for the operator, like leakage water alarm, short current, over-voltage system..etc
  5. With this furnace, tilting control becomes more flexible and also titling speeds can easily be adjusted.
  1. Highest efficiency
  2. Lower power consumption
  3. Lowest cost production and trouble free operation
  4. Power Optimizer
  5. Two year free warranty
  6. 10-20% lesser power requirement
ModelFe, ssCu, Au, AgAl, Al-alloyModelFe, ssCu, Au, AgAl, Al-alloy
Remark: Above melting capacity sheet for general reference;
Melting duration:  When the crucible is hot,20~30min./workload;
When the crucible is cold(first melt),40~50min./ workload.

110-50kg Push Out Small Induction Melting Machine1

10-50kg Push Out Small Induction Melting Machine
10-50kg Push Out Small Induction Melting Machine1
10-50kg Push Out Small Induction Melting Machine

CDOCAST PUSHOUT small induction melter is a highly efficient crucible melting system. It is compact design with the latest technology, the crucible is placed inside the special design induction coil, the induction coil will be protected by a high temperature asbestos board and refractory material to guarantee the safety during the operation. This induction coil can be automatically lift up and down by hydraulically/mechanically.

The crucible is placed on a high High-temperature quartz base, a certain distance from the ground, convenient for workers to pinch out, after complete melting in the crucible, the induction coil will life down, and the crucible will come out for worker to take out for pouring, it is very convenience for some investment casting industry, only two labourers are needed to carry the crucible and pour into the mould anywhere.

  1. IGBT Technology and design for the 24hrs continuous operation
  2. Light weight and installed in few minutes, No civil work is required, can greatly save the end-users space
  3. Noiseless operation with friendly controls system
  4. An electromagnetic stirring system can be added to control the electromagnetic stirring force
  5. Heavy high pressure aluminum body create free magnetic path within the hot pot so the maximum efficiency can be guaranteed

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