Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Oven

Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace

COOLDO Mesh Belt Conveyor furnace are specifically designed to service for a wide range of heat treatment process, such as Hardening, Carburising, Carbonitriding, Nitriding, bright Annealing, Tempering, Isothermal Annealing and Stress Relieving. The production line equipped with the loading machine, pre-washing machine, carburizing quenching furnace, after cleaning machine, tempering furnace, etc.


Temperature: 950℃
Chamber: full of fiber insulation system
Mechanism: High degree of automatic
Temperaturel control: better in thermal insulation.

CDOCAST mesh belt heat treatment furnace is mainly used for the annealing of metal materials. It can also be used for welding jewelry, necklaces and other workpieces. The mesh belt transfer design allows the entire annealing or welding process to be continuous working. and the entire heat treatment is carried out under the protection of inert gas to maximum prevent oxidation  An oxygen combustion device is installed at the furnace mouth to effectively prevent oxygen from entering the heating furnace. At the entrance of the furnace, all oxygen will be burned out

The rest half of the mesh belt furnace is the cooling zone, the work pieces which enters  the cooling zone directly after heating.

Our mesh belt heat treatment furnace can be designed with a PID temperature control system, which means that the heating time, heating temperature, and cooling time can be set according to different heating requirement, the whole heating& cooling process can be automated  performed as per programmed.

Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace Products Show:

Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace-strcuture1, Feeding Machine ;
2, Washing Machine ; 3, Quenching Furnace; 4, Quenching Tank
5, Washing Machine; 6, Tempering Furnace; 7, Rust Clearning Tank

Application of continuous Mesh Belt  Continuous Carburizing Furnace:


mesh-belt-furnace-for-heating-application1). Standard parts industry self tapping screw, drilling screw, wall screws, wood screws and other carbon heat treatment. High tensile screws, inner hexagon screw, screw, nut, etc quenching and tempering heat treatment;

2). Adjustable wrench,open end wrench, box spanner, hexagon wrench, screwdriver, sleeve, pliers, jack, such as hand tools quenching and tempering heat treatment;

3). Auto screw, shaft, hub, connecting rod, car lock ring, piston pin, locomotive screw, top and bottom plug, size bowl, drive shaft, the five group, front fork group, as group, fast valve group and so on automobile, motorcycle, bicycle partsof carburizing heat treatment;

4).  Folder, blade, file, the nail in the four corners, lighters, shoes core, hair clips, pen holder, etc quenching and tempering heat treatment;;

5). Steel nails, nail clippers, hook, chain, hook locks and other hardware parts carburizing heat treatment;

6). Textile machinery parts, bearing parts of carburizing and quenching and tempering heat treatment;

Continuous Mesh Belt Quenching & Tempering Furnace on site:

Feature of Continuous Mesh Belt Metal Hardening Process Furnace:

1). Driving system of mesh belt: Driving the stailess steel roller with high temperature resistant through the chain wheel to circulatory drag mesh belt move into the chamber, which can expanding the service life of mesh belt and Reducing furnace heat loss, meanwhile improving more high thermal efficiency.
2). Equipped the fan inside of furnace to ensure temperature uniform and protect (carburizing) atmosphere evenly dispersed, which can improve the carburizing speed and workpiece quality.
3). On the rear of furnace equipped with an exhaust fan for timely discharge waste gas and improve gloss of workpiece surface.
4). On the bottom of the furnace body is equipped with slag removal mouth, which can convenient and clean up the slag.
5). New sealing design of furnace door can save 55-65% atmospher consumption, and also deep permeation, 30-40% higer efficiency than before under the pressure at ≥10-100Pa.


Parameter of Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace Production Line For Quenching &Carburizing:


Item  Power 
Phase Voltage
Zone size
Quenching productivity
Carburizing productivity 
RCM-12-9 Furnace 12 3 380 920 700*90*30 20 12
RCM-24-9 Furnace 24 3 380 920 1300x150x50 40 20
RCM-45-9 Furnace 45 3 380 920 2300x220x50 60 30
RCM-60-9 Furnace 60 3 380 920 2400x300x50 100 55
RCM-75-9 Furnace 75 3 380 920 3700x300x50 150 80
RCM-90-9 Furnace 90 3 380 920 4700x300x50 200 110
RCM-120-9 Furnace 120 3 380 920 4700x400x80 250 130
RCM-150-9 Furnace 150 3 380 920 4700x500x80 300 160

Video of Mesh Belt  Hardening and Tempering Furnace:


Mesh Belt Vedio