Pit Type Heat Treatment Furnace

Vertical Pit Type Heat Treatment Furnace

COOLDO Vertical pit type resistance heat treatment furnace is cycle production furnace. We have the RJ series and RQ series. The vacuum gas nitride heating furnace used for heating treatment the metal parts not only can in natural atmosphere but also can in protective atmosphere. and The electric resistance furnaces are mainly service for bright annealing and tempering various kinds of standard parts , carbon steel, alloy steel parts and magnetic materials, bright annealing of small batch of scrolling strips.


Diameter of Body: 500-4500mm
Temperature: 650 and 950 degree
Melting Method: Gas/fuel/electric.
Chamber: Muffle tank for atmosphere protection

Pit type heat treatment furnace is a commonly used equipment for metal material heat treatment, named after its appearance resembling a wellhead. It plays an important role in industrial production, capable of strengthening, annealing, normalizing, quenching, and other heat treatment processes on metal materials to improve their mechanical properties, wear resistance, and other characteristics, thus meeting the needs of various engineering applications.

Structure and working principle
The basic structure of a Pit type heat treatment furnace includes the furnace body, heating elements, control system, and cooling system.
Furnace body:
The furnace body is usually made of high-temperature resistant materials to ensure the stability and sealing of the high-temperature environment inside the furnace. Its appearance resembles a wellhead, and the top is usually equipped with an opening for easy insertion and removal of workpieces.
Heating element:
The heating elements of a pit type heat treatment furnace mainly include resistance wires, induction coils, etc., which are responsible for converting electrical energy into heat energy and transmitting it to the workpiece in the furnace.
Control system:
The control system usually includes temperature controllers, power controllers, etc., used to monitor and adjust parameters such as temperature and heating power in the furnace to ensure that the heat treatment process is carried out according to the set process requirements.
Cooling system:
After the heat treatment process is completed, the cooling system will quickly reduce the temperature of the workpiece to fix its obtained structure and properties.

Pit type heat treatment furnace

RJ Serise Resistance Well Type Tempering Furnace


Item  Power 
Phase Voltage
Zone size
RJ2-25-6 Furnace 25 3 380 650 Ø400×500 400
RJ2-35-6 Furnace 35 3 380 650 Ø500×650 500
RJ2-55-6 Furnace 55 3 380 650 Ø700×900 750
RJ2-75-6 Furnace 75 3 380 650 Ø950×1200 1000


RQ Serise Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnace/Oven


Item  Power 
Phase Voltage
Zone size
RQ3-25-9 Furnace 25 3 380 950 Ø300×450 50
RQ3-35-9 Furnace 35 3 380 950 Ø300×600 100
RQ3-60-9 Furnace 60 3 380 950 Ø450×600 150
RQ3-75-9 Furnace 75 3 380 950 Ø450×900 220
RQ3-90-9 Furnace 90 3 380 950 Ø600×900 400
RQ3-105-9 Furnace 105 3 380 950 Ø600×1200 500

Pit type heat treatment furnace is a type of equipment used for heat treatment of materials, usually used in the metal processing industry. They are named after their structure which resembles a wellhead in appearance.
The following are some classifications of  Pit type heat treatment furnaces

1:Atmosphere control  Pit  Type Heat treatment furnace:
This type of furnace controls the heat treatment process of materials by regulating the atmosphere inside the furnace (usually inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, etc.). This can prevent surface oxidation of the material and improve the heat treatment effect.
2: Pit Type Vacuum  heat treatment furnace:
This type of furnace conducts heat treatment by establishing a vacuum environment inside the furnace. They are suitable for processing materials that are prone to oxidation or reaction with the atmosphere at high temperatures.
3:Pit type Resistance heat treatment  furnace:
A resistance heating furnace uses an electric current to generate heat through the material, thereby increasing the temperature of the material.
4; Pit Type Induction heating furnace:
An induction heating furnace generates eddy currents and raises the temperature by placing the material in a variable magnetic field. This method is particularly suitable for materials with good conductivity.
5:Intermittent and continuous furnaces:
An intermittent furnace is a furnace that loads workpieces into the furnace, performs heat treatment, and then takes them out. It can only handle a limited number of workpieces at once. Continuous furnaces, on the other hand, can continuously undergo heat treatment, making them suitable for large-scale production.
6:Hydrogen  heat treatment furnace:
Hydrogen furnaces use hydrogen gas as the heat treatment atmosphere and are typically used to treat some oxygen sensitive materials.
7: Pit Type Salt bath  heat treatment furnace:
Pit Type Salt bath  heat treatment furnace: heats saline substances into a liquid state, and then immerses the workpiece in it for heat treatment.
8:Multipurpose Heat treatment furnace:
This type of furnace can adapt to various heat treatment processes and usually has a flexible control system that can be adjusted as needed.
Specific application furnaces:
For example, quenching furnaces, tempering furnaces, aging furnaces, etc. may have specific furnace types according to different heat treatment processes and requirements.
These are the classifications of common well type heat treatment furnaces. The specific type of furnace chosen depends on factors such as the materials to be treated, the required heat treatment process, and production scale


nitriding heat treatment furnace mahine

Vertical Pit Type  Heat Treatment Furnace on site:

Pit type Heat treatment furnace

Feature of Vertical Pit Type  Heat Treatment Furnace:

1:Well type heat treatment furnace is a specialized equipment used for metal heat treatment, which has the following characteristics:
2:Unique appearance: The appearance of a well type heat treatment furnace is similar to that of a wellhead, usually with an open top for easy insertion and removal of workpieces to be processed.
3:High temperature environment stability: The furnace body is usually made of high-temperature wear-resistant materials, ensuring good stability and sealing in high temperature environments.
4:Multiple heating methods: Resistance heating elements, induction coils, and other forms of heating can be used to select according to different workpiece and process requirements.
5:Accurate temperature control: Equipped with an advanced control system, it can monitor and adjust the temperature, heating power, and other parameters in the furnace in real-time to ensure that the heat treatment process is carried out according to the preset process requirements.
6:Flexible heat treatment process: It can achieve various heat treatment processes such as quenching, normalizing, annealing, etc., to meet the treatment needs of different materials.
7:Rapid cooling system: After heat treatment, it is equipped with a cooling system that can quickly reduce the temperature of the workpiece to stabilize and fix its obtained structure and performance.
8:Widely applicable: It can heat treat various metal materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, etc. to improve their hardness, strength, wear resistance, and other properties.
9:Reliable industrial applications: Widely used in the metal processing industry, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, and other fields, providing a reliable material foundation for engineering projects.
10:High process repeatability: Through precise control and monitoring systems, it can be ensured that each batch of workpieces achieves consistent heat treatment results under the same process conditions.
11:Energy saving and efficiency: Equipped with advanced heating and control technology, it can effectively improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce production costs.

Overall, as an important equipment in the modern metal processing industry, the well type heat treatment furnace provides precise and reliable heat treatment solutions for metal materials through its unique structure and advanced control technology, meeting the high requirements for material performance in engineering applications

Video of Vertical Pit type Resistance Wire Annealing Heat Treatment Furnace:


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