Pit Type Heat Treatment Furnace

Vertical Pit Type Heat Treatment Furnace

COOLDO Vertical pit type resistance heat treatment furnace is cycle production furnace. We have the RJ series and RQ series. The vacuum gas nitride heating furnace used for heating treatment the metal parts not only can in natural atmosphere but also can in protective atmosphere. and The electric resistance furnaces are mainly service for bright annealing and tempering various kinds of standard parts , carbon steel, alloy steel parts and magnetic materials, bright annealing of small batch of scrolling strips.


Diameter of Body: 500-4500mm
Temperature: 650 and 950 degree
Melting Method: Gas/fuel/electric.
Chamber: Muffle tank for atmosphere protection

Pit type Heat Treatment Furnace For Annealing/Quenching/Tempering Description:


electric resistance gas nitriding furnace

Almost well type vacuum annealing furnace are round type and installed in the pit for easy loading and un-loading the goods, which consist of furnace body, cover, heating element, loading basket, and temperature control system.

Parts Description:
1), Body Shell: Furnace shell made of A3 high quality carbon steel, with a thickness of 4mm;
2), Inside of  furnace cover: made by stainless steel plate.
3), Burner liner: Adopt the super light and energy conservation micropore fire-resistant heat reserving brick
4), Aluminum silicate fiber at between burner liner and shell, and also fill full of thermo-insulating power in gap.
5), Resistance wire: Adopt  the 0Gr27AL7MO2 high resistor alloy wire installed upon brick.
6), Furnace cover: Adopt the manual lever lifter or motor-driven or hydraulic.
7), Furnace installed fan: Made by a heat-resistance stainless steel shaft and fan blade  for uniform heating the work-piece
8), Limit switch:  Installed near the furnace cover for safety operation.

RJ Serise Resistance Well Type Tempering Furnace


Item Power 
Zone size
RJ2-25-6 Furnace253380650Ø400×500400
RJ2-35-6 Furnace353380650Ø500×650500
RJ2-55-6 Furnace553380650Ø700×900750
RJ2-75-6 Furnace753380650Ø950×12001000


RQ Serise Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnace/Oven


Item Power 
Zone size
RQ3-25-9 Furnace253380950Ø300×45050
RQ3-35-9 Furnace353380950Ø300×600100
RQ3-60-9 Furnace603380950Ø450×600150
RQ3-75-9 Furnace753380950Ø450×900220
RQ3-90-9 Furnace903380950Ø600×900400
RQ3-105-9 Furnace1053380950Ø600×1200500

Application of Vertical Pit Type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace:


Bright annealing furnace: Vertical batch type metal wire heat treatment annealing furnace for steel parts ,  carbon steel, alloy steel parts and magnetic materials in protective atmosphere,  of small batch of scrolling strips;

Gas carburizing furnace:Industrial furnace pit type gas carburizing furnace for carbon steel parts, scrap metal;

Vacuum temper furnace:industrial iron batch pit type tempering furnace oven with hot air circulation for alloy steel parts , metal scalpel;

Hardenning and quenching heat treatment oven: Pit type hardening heat treatment machine for auto spare parts, brake disc, moulds;

Gas nitriding heat treatment furnace: Vacuum ovens for metal nitriding heat treatment for Aluminum dies, steel die.


nitriding heat treatment furnace mahine

Vertical Pit Type Gas Protective Nitriding Heat Treatment Furnace on site:


natural gas pit furnace for quenching tempering annealing

Feature of Vertical Pit Type Resistance Harden Ovens Heat Treatment Furnace:

1), Stronger structure and small temperature difference in working zone,
2), Adopt the energy-saving furnace lining which can make fast temperature rising but saving more than 20% of energy compare with old product.
3),  Large fan installed and multiple heating zone controling for improving the temperature uniformity.
4), The control system can be equipped with normal control instrument or instrument with micro-processor program control according to actual need.
5), The Protective atmosphere can be special fed into the furnace to realize little-oxidizing heating if your need
6), Each product is installed with safety interlock and over-temperature device to provide reliable and safe operation and use.

Video of Vertical Pit type Resistance Wire Annealing Heat Treatment Furnace:


pit type furnace vedio