Copper/Brass/Bronze Continuous Casting Machine

Copper Pipe/ Rod/Wire Continuous Casting Machine

The Brass/copper/bronze Continuous Casting Machine is a production lines for producing the copper rod, bronze tube, brass bar, copper plate, copper billet, copper wire, copper strip etc which widely service for the industries like produce the electric wire, cable, electron, lockmaking, water heating equipments, refrigeration and so on.


1.Material: copper, bronze, brass
2.Suitable for higher diameter rods, strips & tubes

Copper Tube / Rod Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine :


A typical horizontal continuous casting unit for copper tubes consists of a mains frequency cored melting-holding combined furnace with metal flowing under surface, a crystallizer, a cooling water distribution system, a servo control withdrawal system, an in-line synchronous saw, a saw for mold changing, a hydraulic system and an electric control system, etc.
A typical mains frequency furnace adopts a new combination structure of melting-casting with metal flowing under surface. The inductor adopts a vertical structure with silicon sheets imported. As the molten metal flows from the melting furnace to the holding furnace under the surface, the heat emission (that would be otherwise caused) is avoided so as to reduce the energy consumption. Meantime, the metal loss is also reduced. As the exposure of the molten metal to the air is substantially reduced, the product quality can be stabilized and enhanced. The parameters of the melting-holding furnace like voltage, amperage, effective power and compensation factor are indicated with signals. The metal temperature in the furnace is continuously measured and displayed. Also indicated are the temperatures and pressures for the water for cooling the inductor coils, wrapping sleeves and cables with necessary optic and acoustic alarms equipped.

copper casting simple process

Brass/Copper Horizontal Continuous  Casting Process Presentation:

Melting furnace/ holding furnace:
Melting furnace is vertical structure and welded by steel plate, and the furnace consists of furnace body, inductor, tilting furnace system, electrical control. and about the Holding furnace, which  is used for thermal insulation and traction. The holding furnace can be used separately, also can be used with melting furnace together.

Melting furnace: choose working frequency cored induction furnace. It consists of furnace frame, furnace body, inductor, water cooling system and electric control system.

Holding furnace: choose working frequency cored induction heat preservation furnace, which is composed of furnace induction body, furnace support, crystallizer, hydraulic system and hydraulic station, and electric control system.

The unit has the advantages of high yield, low labor , few workers and no pollution.

  •  Horizontal continuous caster

It is composed by the engine base, servo motor, reducer, traction wheel system. The servo motor is driven by the ac servo motor of yaskawa, Japan, and the reducer is driven by four shafts of worm wheel and worm, which can adjust the traction center up and down. After heat treatment, the surface hardness of traction wheel will be HRC40 – HRC45.The upper press wheel of the tractor is supported by two supports. When the billet enters the tractor, the upper press wheel is driven by the drive system.

Cutting machine
Titighen the copper both the vertical and horizontal direction; High cutting efficiency and precision; Automative collection of the cutting slag; Low-voltage on the control cabinet for safe operation.

  • Electrical control system

Working frequency of melting furnace and insulation needs to be graded voltage regulation, the lowest voltage is 90V, each increase of 30V as a first gear, the highest voltage is 380V.A total of 8 gears, insulation furnace can achieve automatic temperature control function.The e automatic servo system: PLC control, touch screen can achieve frequent pull, stop, push back, stop parameters of arbitrary Settings and modification.  To achieve continuous pull, stop, push back, stop, can stop quickly, no crawling phenomenon. There is sufficient braking torque. The system has the function of changing process parameters online. The system has short circuit, overheat, overload, overvoltage, overcurrent and other protection functions. One PLC, one touch screen, one servo controller, one ac servo motor.

  • Crystallizer

The water jacket of the horizontal continuous casting tube blank crystallizer is made of stainless steel tubes by combining primary water jacket with secondary water jacket. The copper inner sleeve is T2 copper casting, divided into primary copper inner sleeve and secondary copper inner sleeve. The graphite sleeve is made of high purity graphite and is made of graphite with high thermal conductivity and high temperature wear resistance. The graphite mould is an ideal material for continuous casting copper tube billets.(the whole set of crystallizer is manufactured and processed according to the design of our factory)

Peeling machine
Hydraulic motivation for sending; Widely use for pipe, bar, flat, and irregular metal.

Brass rod Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine on site:


The horizontal  continuous casting machines are used for the manufacture of copper alloy, brass, bronze and zinc bars, tubes, sections, strip, brass rod, brass forging rod etc. The C horizontal Continuous Casting Machine is a melting and holding furnace with a cooler, together with graphite die and cooler assembly and run out track with withdrawal machine and cut-off device. Molten copper flows from the crucible into the graphite casting die which is cooled with the help of a highly efficient cooling jacket. Water-cooled graphite dies are attached horizontally to the holding crucible. During the continuous casting operation copper flows into the graphite casting die where it solidifies. The solidified strands are intermittently withdrawn by the withdrawal equipment.

Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine For Copper, Brass, Bronze

Upward Copper Continuous Casting Machine Video:


Upward copper casting machine