Tilting Gold Melting Furnace

Gold /Silver Smelter

This Type gold smelting furnace is configured to melt different size,shape,and type of precious metal sample like gold,silver, copper, palladium..etc ,the melting capacity: 1-20 kg. This machine can be equipped the temperature control system, which can help you control the temperature going at real time.If you want to control the working temperature of the melting process, it is your best choice.


1. Melting capacity:1-20kg
2. Input voltage:three phase 380V,50/60HZ
3. Melting time: 3-15 min/batch


CDOCAST  Small  Tilting  Gold  Melting Furnace is designed for the capacity of 4-20kg gold, silver, copper, etc. metal melting. The tilting Gold Melting furnace has adopted the latest solid-state technology with the IGBT module from Germany. The furnaces are available with power supplies from high frequency to medium frequency and ranging from 5kW to 40kW.

This Manual tilting melting furnace is available for Graphite crucibles or SIC crucibles. What’s more,  Cooldo Gold melter can be set up for melting ferrous metals as well.

For the big capacity of 15kg-100kg, we recommend the motor chain tilting melting furnace which the tilting system is driven by the motor installed in the furnace body, the tilting speed can be adjusted and the tilt angle can be up to 180 degrees. The pouring point of liquid metal will be fixed in one position, which is very suitable for precision casting. Which model is more suitable for your application, feel free to contact our engineering team.

4kg-20kg Manual Tilting Gold Melting Furnace:


gold smelting furnace

Gold smelting furnace


Gold smelting machine


Cooldo Manual Tilting Melting Furnace Systems can be equipped with optional Thermocouples or Infrared pyrometers for accurate temperature control of the materials being heated and melted. or Can add the Plc Control System to make the operation more advanced and convenient. The Water Cooling Pump is designed inside the machine.

These induction furnaces are ideal for melting metals such as Steel, Iron, Copper, Brass, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Nickel, Palladium, and their alloys.


Manual tilting without workers picking the crucible out of the heating coil, which increases safety and facilitates stable operation


CDOCAST 1-15kg manual tilting gold smelting furnace can be used with graphite and quartz crucibles can melt almost all metals.


Equipped with a water pump, just need to connect the water and electricity which can operate the furnace, (for long time operation,water chiller is recommended  )

Parameter of gold smelting furnaces:


Model number CDO-MT26 CDO-MT27 CDO-MT28 CDO-MT29 CDO-MT30
Applicable metal Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Voltage 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz 3P, 380 V, 50/60Hz
Power 15 kW (adjustable) 20 kW (adjustable) 25 kW (adjustable) 30 kW (adjustable) 35 kW (adjustable)
Weight 72 kg 75 kg 130 kg 130 kg 150 kg
Max capacity Gold: 4 kg Silver:2kg Gold: 6 kg Silver:3kg Gold: 8 kg Silver:4-5kg Gold: 10 kg Silver:5kg Gold: 15 kg Silver:8kg
Melting time 2-5 min 3-6 min 5-10 min 6-12 min 10-15min
Dimension(LWH) 620*500*980mm 620*500*980mm 730*630*980mm 730*630*980mm 800*700*1050mm
Max temperature 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃ 1800℃
Temperature control k-type Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Water pump Equipped Equipped Equipped Equipped Equipped
Crucible Size Graphite crucible: Φ85*Φ60*136.5mm Graphite crucible: Φ105*Φ70*155mm Graphite crucible: Φ115*Φ78*183mm Graphite crucible: Φ125*Φ90*183mm Graphite crucible: Φ160*Φ110*220mm

Manual Tilting Gold Melting Furnace 4-20kg

manual tilting furnace