Vacuum Gold Powder Making Machine

Vacuum Powder Making Machine

The vacuum powder making machine is used to produce high quality and homogenous master grains and alloy grains, and also the powder, starting from raw material molten by induction heating in a protective atmosphere, and then When casting the powder, will adopt the high pressured water gun to break the molten metal into fine particle.


1, Vacuum Design
2, Metal Grains & Powder Making.
3,Rapid Casting Speed

[Vacuum Metal Powder Making Machine]


Metal powder making machine is used to produce high quality and homogenous metal Powder from sizes ranging from 100-1000mesh, starting from raw material molten by induction heating in a  Vacuum atmosphere, After melting finished, the graphite plug will lift up and the molten liquid will flow through the bottom hole in the crucible at the meantime, the high pressured water generated from the high-pressure water pump will break the molten metal into fine particle.

The Metal Powder produces by the powder making machine range from 100-1000mesh, the full casting time will be about 30 mins, which can continue working for 24hrs per day.

Cooldo Metal Powder Making Machine has two models design, one with an integrated design which is economical for making metal powder from 10-30kg per batch, the other model comes with the separate design of the furnace body and powder making cylinder separate, a platform should be built to support the full operation.

10kg Vacuum Gold Powder Making Machine

A hydraulic Tilting Induction Furnace should be equipped with the full Powder Making machine, the furnace capacity will range from 50-150kg per batch. silicon graphite will be adopted to save the cost the production.

The Powder Making Cylinder should be big enough to ensure we can get the fine powder, a large range of metal powder can be made through this powder making machine, which includes the iron, steel ,stainless steel, platinum,copper, gold,silver ,brass.

5kg Vacuum Powder Making Machine
powder making machine
20kg Vacuum powder making machine
10kg vacuum powder making machine

Video Of   Vacuum Gold Powder Making Machine:

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gold granule powder making machine

Application Of   Vacuum Powder Making Machine:

This is a dual-purpose machine that can cast powder as well as granule.

powder making machine application

Parameter of Vacuum Powder Making Machine

Power 20kw 25kw 30kw 40kw 45kw 50kw
Voltage 380V,50/60Hz,3-phase
Melting time 10min 15min 18min 20min 25min 30min
Casting time 2min 3min 5min 8min 10min 15min
Capacity 5kg gold 10kg gold 15kg gold 20kg gold 30kg gold 50kg gold
Pump power 15kw 15kw 15kw 23kw 23kw 23kw
Water pressure 15Mpa 15Mpa 15Mpa 20Mpa 20Mpa 20Mpa
Flow rate 20L/min 20L/min 20L/min 30L/min 30L/min 30L/min
Dimension 1360*1135*2000 mm
Weight 680kg 700kg 720kg 750kg 1000kg 1100kg
Application metal Gold、Silver、Copper、Aluminum、Zinc、Tin、etc.