Steel Frame Induction Furnace

steel frame induction furnace

COOLDO steel frame induction furnace is designed for 500kg-50ton melting capacity, this is the most stable and safest design, which comes with steel frame furnace body and hydraulic tilting system, cooldo can provide customized furnace structure according to client requirement


1, Steel frame furnace body with hydraulic tilting
2, Melting capacity from 500kg-50ton
3, Suitable for melting steel,iron,aluminum.copper...etc

[Steel frame induction melting furnace]


The intermediate frequency induction melting furnace is a power supply device that converts 50HZ power frequency alternating current into medium frequency (above 300HZ to 20K HZ). It converts three-phase power frequency AC into DC after rectification and then converts the DC into adjustable intermediate frequency current to supply the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the capacitor and induction coil, generating high-density magnetic lines of force in the induction coil and cutting the metal in the induction coil, which generates a large eddy current in the metal.


Due to our superior design and technical expertise, Cooldo steel frame induction melting furnaces are more efficient and easier to maintain than competing furnaces.


The steel shell hydraulic tilting smelting furnace owns a strong steel structure,  which can minimize the tilting degree and the deformation during pouring.


The coil is completely supported in the steel frame and is connected by the miniature shunt. The structure ensures that the furnace lining will not be mechanically impacted during melting and the refractory castables at the top and bottom of the furnace are fully supported. Optional furnace cover can ensure the highest efficiency, especially when melting high-temperature metals, the ventilation ring can be used to make the entire melting process safer and more effective.

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induction melting furnace

Cooldo pays a lot of attention to the safety of the induction melting furnace, so the buyers can use our equipment at ease.

Here are our efforts for quality control in the following:

  • Strong steel structure; which ensures the stable furnace body will not break easily by hitting or the affect of high temperature.
  • The inner part is equipped with a magnetic shield, which can effectively carry out magnetic shielding, so as to prevent the shell from heating during the smelting process,
  • The high-quality hydraulic cylinder guarantees safety during tilting.
  • Hydraulic hose burst valve with high safety performance ensures ultimate security.
  • Low resistance new water-cooled copper induction coil.
  • Pre-install flexible hydraulic hose.
  • The general structure, hydraulic dumping structure
  • Automatic air prop-driven rear guard (flush platform and larger standard design body).
  • Leakage protection device greatly improves safety.


Advantages of power supply:

●Under normal working conditions, the power consumption for melting steel is 550-600KWH/ton;

●The power factor is kept above 0.96 in the whole process without additional compensation device;

●Effectively deal with high-order harmonics, without interfering with surrounding electrical equipment,and without polluting the power grid;

●The frequency adapts to a wide range, and the best resonance state is always maintained during the melting process;

●Zero voltage scanning soft start mode, can start or stop at any time in any state, no impact on the power supply;

●Rapid melting and low production cost; low pollution, in line with the national environmental protection requirements;

●It can be melted directly from the cold furnace, the solution can be completely emptied, and it is convenient to change the variety of metal to melt.

MODELInput Voltage
Rate Power KWDC Voltage VWorking
CapacityPower Consumption
GW-0.05-100/1380(6 Pulse)10050010007500.05800
GW-0.15-100/1380(6 Pulse)10050010007500.15/0.12820
GW-0.25-160/1380(6 Pulse)16050010007500.25/0.2790
GW-0.3-250/1380(6 Pulse)25050010007500.3770
GW-0.5-250/1380(6 Pulse)250500100015000.5770
GW-0.75-400/1380(6 Pulse)400500100015000.75770
GW-1-500/1380(6 Pulse)500500100015001750
GW-1-750/1380/690(6 Pulse)750500/880100015001720
GW-1.5-1000/0.5690(6 Pulse)100088050026001.5700
GW-2-1500/0.5690(6 Pulse)150088050026002675
GW-3-2500/0.51000(6 Pulse)2500125050032003590-640
GW-4-3000/0.51000(6 Pulse)3000125050032004590-640
GW-15-10000/0.251000(24 Pulse)100001250250340015550-600
GW-20-12000/0.251000(24 Pulse)120001200250340020550-600
GW-25-14000/0.251000(24 Pulse)140001200150~200340025550-600
GW-30-16000/0.21000(24 Pulse)160001200150~200340030550-600
GW-40-18000/0.21000(24 Pulse)180001200150~200340040550-600
GW-50-20000/0.21000(24 Pulse)200001200150-200340050550-600