Chain Motor Tilting Silver Melting Furnace

Silver Melting Equipment

Coold Silver melting furnace with motor tilting system is designed for 30-50kg. which is suitable for melting and making the precious metal ingot like gold,silver,copper etc. With speedy melting peroid in 3-5min per batch gained popular in market. When melting process is done, you just press the tilting button, the furnace body will turn over by the motor running.


1. Melting Capacity: 30-50kg
2. Furnace body with motor tilting
3. The mould is intergrated with furnace body

10-100kg Silver Melting Furnace: 


Cooldo Silver melting furnace with motor drive tilting system is used in the gold or jewellery industry and in precious metal foundries with advanced IGBT Control system. These Silver melting machines are equipped with new high-performance induction generators that can reach the melting point in a short time and ensure thorough mixing of the molten metals to make sure the metal can be more uniform.

The chain motor tilting melting furnace can be tilted and locked in any position. Before pouring, please preheating the mold to prevent the thousand-degree temperature liquid splash and also avoid ingot fault. The operator is forced to stand to the side of the machine – away from the dangers of the pouring-off area.

To guarantee the operation safety of the operators, all our silver melting furnace comes with the remote tilting control button, which can make the operators tilt the high-temperature melting furnaces in some distance. so can make the full operation very design Chain Motor Tilting Silver Melting Furnace

Motor Chain Tilting Small Induction Furnace

10kg Chain Motor Tilting Silver Melting Furnace

Chain driven by the motor, can be operated remotely,achieves work efficiency and ensures the safety of the workers


Optional lid at the furnace opening to prevent splashing of liquid metal during melting

chain tilting

Mould can be designed attached to the furnace body,or on the mould holding car that comes with the furnace

Silver Melting Furnace (Motor Tilting System):

Model CDO-CT40 CDO-CT45 CDO-CT50
Power 40kw 45kw 50kw
Voltage 380V,3-phase,50/60hz
Applicable metal Gold, Silver, Copper
Max temperature 1800℃

Melting Time 10-20min 10-20min 15-25min
Melting crucible material Silicon carbide Silicon carbide Silicon carbide
Max capacity Silver:30kg Silver:40kg Silver:50kg
Dimension(LWH) Main frame:650*600*1000mm Furnace:650*830*1900mm Main frame:650*600*1000mm Furnace:650*830*1900mm Main frame:650*600*1000mm Furnace:650*830*1900mm