Copper /Brass/Bronze Melting Furnace

Bronze Melting Furnace

Crucible Copper/bronze Melting Furnace/Machine is widely used in the foundry industry, with the IGBT/KGPS Technology, which can smelt scrap copper with capacity 10kg to 100000KG per batch. and melting time for each pot is around 60 minutes. Our power supply adopt the most advanced IGBT technology from Germany which is the most energy saving and environmental method to melt the copper Scrap.


• Usage: Metals Melting Furnace for small foundry
• Power: 45KW-160KW(IGBT),50KW-10000KW (KGPS)
• Voltage: Three-phase 380V/440V/660V/1000V, 50/60Hz

Copper Melting Furnace |Brass Melting furnace | Bronze Melting furnace

CDOCAST Have types of  Copper Melting Furnace, bronze melting furnace & bronze melting furnace for a variety of applications including  Die Casting Industries, Ingot Casting Industries, University Lab Foundries, skill Bronze Casting Foundries, and any other non-ferrous melting application.

Cooldo copper melting furnace melting capacity varies from 10kg up to 20 ton per batch, and we have the induction technology-based melting furnace also the gas-fired copper/brass melting furnace. Cooldo can also provide the turnkey solution for the Copper/brass pipes, rods, plates continuous casting machine Feel free to contact our engineer team to choose the most suitable Furnace For Your Application.

aluminum shell furnace

Aluminum shell Coreless Induction Copper Smelting Machine

1. Melting capacity range from 0.2 ~ 5 tons.
2.Come with Several protection functions to ensure safety.
3. 24hrs Continuous working, can stop working anytime

• Usage: Aluminum, Copper, Steel Melting Furnace for foundry
• Melting Time;50 minutes per batch,
• Energy consumption: 400-500 kwh/t

manual tilting furnace

Manual Tilting Small Copper Induction Melting Machine

1. Melting capacity range from 10kg~100kg. A small light, manually tilt which is convenient.
2. Not only suitable for the factory but also suitable for the college, researching companies to use.

3.IGBT technology Based, which can have 30% energy saving

• Usage: Homemade metal Smelting Furnace for all kinds of metal,
• Power: 15KW-160KW
• Voltage: Three-phase 340-420V 50/60hz

small hydraulic tilting furnace

Hydraulic Tilting Coreless IGBT Induction Brass Melting Furnace

1. Melting capacity range from 50kg ~ 350kg
2. A remote tilting control trolley provides more safe and convenient titling control.
3. Steel structure ensure the machine in a long life working.

• Usage: Metals Melting Furnace for small foundry
• Power: 45KW-160KW
• Tilting System: Come with Hydraulic tilting System

Core Copper/Brass Induction Melting Furnace

1. Melting capacity range from 50kg ~ 500kg
2.Usually applied in the horizontal & vertical continuous casting machine
3. Steel structure ensure the machine in a long life working.

• Usage: Equipped with continuous caster for copper/brass rod, pipe, plate
• Power: 45KW-500KW
•  Working: Suggest work 20 hrs each day without stopping.

gas fired furnace

Gas-Fired Copper/Brass Melting Furnace

1. Melting capacity range from 50kg ~ 2000kg
2. Melting With gas-fired resource.suitable for the place which lack in electric power
3. Hyraulic tilting & Station Furnace body is available.

• Usage:  For Copper/brass ingot casting , and small foundry.
• Heating source: Natural gas or diesel
•  Melting Time :  2.5 Hrs One batch melt.

Copper is a transition metal that easily carries out heat and also electrical energy, making it a useful compound in the building of various items. Copper is melted either as ingots for storage space or sale or for casting another thing, such as jewelry.

The  Copper melting furnace is an indispensable important equipment in the copper casting industry. COOLDO can provide different copper melting furnaces according to different customer requirements.

According to different copper smelting processes, our copper smelting furnaces are mainly divided into the following types

1:  Cored induction copper melting furnace
2: Coreless induction copper melting furnace
3: Gas-fired copper melting furnace

Cored induction copper melting furnace&Coreless induction copper melting furnace

Cored induction furnace is also called channel induction furnace. It has an iron core that can pass through the induction coil. The heat source is surrounded by metal grooves. The cored induction melting furnace is mainly used for melting and heat preservation of copper, aluminum, zinc, and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys. The core induction furnace has the advantages of fast temperature rise, high electric heating efficiency, high power factor, less metal loss, low smelting cost, less equipment investment (about one half to one third of coreless induction furnace), and convenient operation. The function of the core induction melting furnace is very similar to that of the coreless induction melting furnace, except that the heating core is added.

Copper Induction melting furnace working principle:


Due to the fact that copper has a high melting temperature level of 1083 ° C (1981 ° F), induction copper melting furnaces are commonly required. Although extremely expensive industrial equipment, induction heating systems will certainly assure a level of security that is not present in self-constructed foundries.

And Usually, Tilting Induction Melting Furnace is typically used in commercial settings. They continuously melt large amounts of copper and also are automated to pour into a ceramic container or any kind of wanted steel cast/mold.

Except for the Induction Copper Melting Furnace, Cdocast Can also provide the gas-fired copper melting furnace & Silicon Carbide Rod Melting furnace which can meet different Customer requirement, pls check the following chart:



Name    Gas fired copper melting furnace Induction copper  melting furnace Silicon Carbon Copper Smelting Furnace

Melting Capacity







Heating principle natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas,(LPG), diesel, heavy oil electromagnetic induction high-temperature silicon carbide rod
Maximum temperature 1350 Degree 1700 Degree 1350Degree
Heating time 2.5 hour 40mins- 1 hour 3hour
Advantages No need Electricity; Suitable for some customers who is lack of power supply Fast speed of melting;

High efficiency

Simple and easy operation; No need huge electricity and gas;
Disadvantages Customers need to provide natural gas sources or diesel Customer should Provide enough power Silicon carbon rod  not easy to maintance





gas fired furnace


copper induction furnace


carbid rod melting furnace

Copper/brass /bronze melting furnace 

Hydraulic tilting furnace