XRF gold tester/analyzer

XRF gold tester/analyzer For Sale

X-Ray Gold Tester is a universal energy dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) Instrument ,with best precision levels and reasonable price. Cooldo gold tester delivers Si-pin detector,whcih can test 18 metal elements. Cooldo gold testing machine has a powerful and easy operate software,which can help users an expert all the time. It's non-destructive analyzer,which can test alloys,powders,liquids,solids and thin films.


1. Analysis range: 1%-99.99%
2.Testable Elements:gold,silver,copper,platinum,iridium,cadmium palladium etc
3.Test area:1-2mm spot +<40 micron

Operation of precious metal testers


1. You get the machine started and open the software on your computers. Wait for the system to prepare itself before placing the metal on the testing tray.

2.Wait for a while till the machine analyses the metal and prepares the result. Within just a few seconds it will have the results compiled and displayed on the screens.

3.The results are displayed with different color schemes to highlight the different metals present.

Operating Instructions of xrf gold karat tester


Description of  XRF Gold Jewelry Tester for Precious Metal


XRF  Gold Tester is a widely used, proven, and accepted method of chemistry analysis and determination of purity and authenticity of precious metals. Given the current high value of gold, quantifying its fineness and purity is more important than ever. Whether you buy gold, sell or produce jewelry, make metals, or recycle scrap metal, you need a fast, highly accurate method to determine karatage quality control and pricing. It is designed exactly to security standards with active radiation protection, high voltage protection and X-ray tube overheating protection. Warm-up and anti interference procedure is controlled by the program, to reduce the interference by the reflected X-ray and the spectrums, to add the accuracy and stability.

cooldo-gold-karat-tester-pricePrecious metal elements(Such as Au,Ag,Pt,Rh,Ru,Ir,Pd,Cu,Zn,Ni,Co,etc.)analysis is able to be achieved by XRF Spectrometer.During the producing and recycling process in Jewelry industry filed,there are some lost.
XRF spectrometer will help to control production line and maximally reduce the lost, it also can inspect Jewelry’s quality.
The traditional testing methods(such as fire assay and chemical ways)are not only ruinous but also take long time to prepaere samples.
Testing way of XRF gold karat tester  is non-destructive and don’t need to prepare special samples.
It only take couple of minutes for the whole testing,fast with high precision.
All liquid,solid and powder samples are workable.

Product Specification of X-ray Electronic Gold tester

1.Working Principle:Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence
2.Main Structure: High-strength metal frame and industry plastic shell
3.Detection limit: 0.1% to 99.99%
4.Precision : 0.1%
5.Operating EnvironmentTemperature :-11 to 46℃
6.Humidity : ≤70%
7.Suitable Voltage/110V-220V
8.Suitable Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
9.Detector: Gas Proportional Detector
10.Testable Elements: Au, Ag, Cu(Ni, Zn), Pt, Pd, Cd, Ir .
12.N/G Weight(KG): 29 / 39kg


Application of Cooldo gold tester

1.  Jewellery Manufacturers
2. Hallmark Centers
3. Precious Metal Refineries
4. Test Centers
5. Pawn shops
6. Hallmark Centers
7. Jewellery retailers
8. Bullion, old gold & metal traders
9. Bank

Advantage of Xrf Electronic  Gold and Silver Tester

1. Installation & after-sales : all the installation and after sales can be done on the remote control system, that means you just need to connect your tester machine with the computer, our engineer can install ,upgrade, and do the after-sales for you from the remote system. Which will make everything convenient for you.

2. Guarantee: Whole- life technology support, we will response all your questions within 24 hours, we have professional technology engineer who can speak fluent english.

3. Upgrade system: Our program is developed &researched by ourself, we will delevop our testing system many time per year, and each time upgrade is free for you the whole life, most of the supplier purchase program in the market they seldom upgrade the testing system.

4.If you want to purchase the new develop tester in future, we will evalute your old machine and recycle your used one, when you purchase the new technology tester , you just need to pay the price difference between the two machines.

5. Our system can work on the win7,win8, win10.etc, and many languages in the world you like,it is convenient for the customers.