Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace(VIM)

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

COOLDO Vacuum induction melting Furnace is one of the most commonly used heat processes under the vacuum or inert gas atmosphere protetion for metal refining treatment and adjustment of chemical composition and temperature To achieve the increasing quality demands. Expecially for alloys matel melting.


1, Temperature: Up to 1800 °C
2, Vacuum Degree: 6.7x10-3Pa
3, Crucible Tilting Degree ~100°

What is  vacuum induction melting furnace? 


The world’s first vacuum induction furnace was built in Germany in 1917 to melt the engines of aircraft and rocket engines. The vacuum induction furnace is one of the most widely used machines in the field of vacuum metallurgy. It has been proved that a considerable proportion of the alloys and special steels required by the aerospace, missile, rocket, atomic energy equipment and electronics industries are produced by vacuum induction melting furnace. Almost all the stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, ultra-high-strength steel, tool steel, bearing steel, as well as magnetic materials, elastic alloys, expansion alloys, etc. are melted by vacuum induction melting furnace to ensure the material performance and quality. In addition, with the development of secondary remelting process, another use of vacuum induction melting furnace is for vacuum self-consuming electric arc furnace or electroslag remelting furnace to provide high quality self-consuming electrodes, as well as the production of master alloy for precision casting.

As we all know, vacuum induction melting furnace process, the whole process of melting, refining and alloying of metals are carried out in a vacuum state, thus avoiding the same gas-phase interaction and pollution. Secondly, in a vacuum, carbon has a strong deoxidation ability, and its deoxidation product CO is constantly pumped out of the system, overcoming the pollution problem of metal deoxidizer deoxidation.

The vacuum induction melting furnace process can accurately control the chemical composition of the alloy, for the reactive elements containing and oxygen and nitrogen affinity Al, Ti, B, Zr, etc., can be controlled in a very small range. The low melting point and volatile metal impurities, such as Pb, Bi, Sn, Sb, etc. can be removed by evaporation, which plays an important role in improving material properties. Strong induction stirring can accelerate its reaction speed, which is very effective for the melt pool temperature uniformity, chemical composition uniformity and so on.


Vacuum Induction melting  furnace composition:


Furnace Body Cover: Double layer water cooling arched cover.
The cover in vertical body have two tension spring for balance the weight and easy open the cove. When the cover closed, the two springs also can provide the well sealing pressure for ensuring the good vacuum. But The cover in horizontal type body is adopt the rotation press locking device. The furnace door is side open.

Electrode device:The electrode device at left side of furnace body, it can be both as electrode to power supply to the induction heater, and also as a fulcrum shaft to the induction heater and crucible.The electrode installed on sealing sewing bearing. When the crucible need to tilting, It can go through and operated the hand shank on the bearing to make the metal liquid pour out.

 Alloy feeder: The alloy feeder have six cases, which can feed the material under the situation of vacuum or atmosphere protection. Turning to 60 degree of hand wheel, there have one case material fall into the skip bucket, and skip bucket have damping plate, which can let the material falling slow.

Inspection window: There have a inspection window on furnace cover for checking the melting situation.  The window have a activity sunshade, opened at short time when plan to see with operated by the handle at outside cover. So it closed at normal time for avoid burning crush by the heat energy and polluted by the metal liquid gas.

Induction heater coil: The induction heater coil made by rectangle copper, and installed on the electrode. The interior of coil can be putted the molding crucible.

Temperature measuring device: The temperature measuring device installed on suction pipe at right side of furnace body.When plan to measure the temperature, please pulling up the spring cotter and rotated the operation handle to make the end of thermocouple into the metal liquid. (The thermocouple and quartz protection pipe prepared by the client). If the client want to use the infrared temperature measurement, we also can design a position for it.


Structure description of Vertical Induction Vacuum melting furnace:



Vacuum refining Furnace-Description
1, Support frame; 2, cooling system; 3, Furnace body; 4, Inductor; 5, Seal Sewing Bearing; 6, Inspecion window; 7, Feeder; 8, Electrode ; 9, Furnace Cover;10, Temperature measuring device; 11, Vacuum system; 12, Electromagnetism Vacuum inflation valve; 13, deflation valve;14, Dia 50 vacuum valve, 15, diameter 300

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NO.Item Parameter No.Item Parameter
1Effective Volume
 of crucible
0-8L2Crucible capacity0-500 kg 
3temperature1800 o4Rated voltage375V
5Rated power0-500 KW6rated frequency1500~2500HZ
7power frequency50HZ9Vacuum limit
at cold state
8Heating elementCopper induction coil.Pump-down time :within half hour can arrive at 6.7×10-3Pa under finishing preheating of diffusion pump.
10Pressure rise rate≤0.05Pa/min11Vacuum Degree under working1~5 x10-1 Pa
12Tilting Degree~100°13Pump down time≤15min
11Vacuum system● 70L/s Twin-stage rotary-vane mechanical Vacuum Pump.
● 300diamter diffusion pump,the max. Pumping speed5000L/s.
● 300diameter diffusion pump cold trap, For making efficiently cooling cycle to the pump oil.
● 300diameterdiffusion flapper value + 80diameter backing pumping flapper value.
● stainless steel pipeline + stainless steel bellows.

The vacuum induction  melting furnace is mainly used for colleges ,universities, scientific research units and production enterprises melt metal materials (such as stainless steel, nickel base alloy, copper alloy, steel, nickel cobalt alloy, rare earth neodymium iron smelting processing, etc.), in vacuum or protective atmosphere , and the steel alloy precision casting and vacuum processing can also be carried out

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