Gold Refinery & Casting
Since 1999, COOLDO specializes in accurate,verifiable,and transparent precious metal refining for many Chinese and overseas customers. We devoted to helping gold suppliers and jewelers to refine,recycle gold with safely and effectively way.
Our induction melting furnace offer you what you need to refine gold in any kind– whether its scrap gold, old gold jewelry, gold coin,gold from mining, prospecting or gold of any other type.As a leading precious metal smelting and casting solutions provider, we continually provide a wide range of products to maintain our leadership in the market because of today’s great competition.
Involved in the application are:

Small capacity melting furnace recommendation as following:

1: Gold Melting Furnace 1-10kg(Integratd type)

2:Gold Melting Machine 10-100kg(Tilting Type)

3:Platinum Melting Furnace(Quartz Crucible)

4:Silver Melting Furnace(Motor Tilting Type)

5: Gold Bullion Casting Machine(1-10kg Bullion)

6:Vacuum Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine

7:Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine

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Cooldo Gold Melting Furnace are mainly based on IGBT technology which are very popular in the jewelry making industry&gold refinery industry with their obvious features of fast melting, ease of operation and low loss maintenance. Our gold melting furnace equipped with multi-protective function, such as over-voltage protection, over current, over heating, less water protection, etc. Low fault rate, safe and reliable which can make the whole operation more smooth and safety.

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This type gold smelting furnace is specially designed with Temperature Control System,with the help of our PID Temp Controller, you can accurately control the working temperature of the whole melting process, our Temperature control error can be around 5 degree.With their low cost of ownership and maintenance, they are the most popular and reliable machines in the university lab and jewelry.

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CDOCAST Platinum melting machine is a brand new product severally developed by our company, principally  used in smelting precious metals, such as , gold, platinum,palladium or the alloys of those metals. This  precious metal smelting machine can do a temperature of  concerning 2000 degrees astronomer during a very short time (about 900 centigrade beyond the precious metal temperature ) . It adopts the foremost sturdy and lasting quartz pot within the market with a quick smelting time (within a pair of minutes).

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Coold Silver melting furnace with motor tilting system is designed for 30-50kg. which is suitable for melting and making the precious metal ingot like gold,silver,copper etc. With speedy melting period in 3-5min per batch gained popular in market. When melting process is done, you just press the tilting button, the furnace body will turn over by the motor running.

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This type of Gold Melting Machine is designed for small capacity melting of 4-15kg gold, it is an integrated type, which needs to pick up the crucible by tong. Based on the latest and most advanced IGBT technology which can guarantee the quality of the machine, the top speedy melting could be realized within minutes. And our machine can work 24 hours continuously, so this is the best choice for your gold shop.

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Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine is designed for making jewelry of precious metals. The entire casting process is under a vacuum and protective gas environment to ensure the jewelry has no pores and is uniform.

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Metal continuous casting machine is designed for those need special shaping products of precious metal like sheet pull, tube pull, wire pull etc on basis the mould you have. The machine have the argon gas protection which can prevent metal oxidization and loss. The end products draw out is down pulling direction, and this method adopt can let the products reach more further length.

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