• What is the feature of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer?

    High accuracy and precision,Non-destructively analysis,Fast testing. All liquid,solid and powder samples can be analyzed.

  • What is the requirement of the voltage of induction furnace?

    With the exception of Model HF15, our IGBT units are all single phase 180v – 245v with the basic requirement for other units being 3 phase 340v – 420v…

  • What is the difference between IGBT induction heating equipment and KGPS induction heating equipment?

    Usually the power supply of the IGBT is upto 160kw , it is more suitale for small workpiece brazing,welding, forging, and for small capacity non-ferrous metal melting, while the…

  • How could we procceed the installation and operation after purchase your machine,will you arrange the enginner aboard ?

    Our contract with you comes into effect within 15 days from the date of purchase and we will provide a layout and civils foundation drawing which should enable you…

  • What’s the warranty?

    Our standard warrant is 12 months from the date of the unit’s commissioning.

  • How often should I change the furnace lining sand?

    Usually for melting the ferrous metal , we adopt the Quartz Sand, ususally it you should change after 3-4 days melting ,because during the melting process , the temperature…

  • How to judge the capacitor and SCR breakdown, water cooling cables broke?

    A、One end of multimeter is connected the connection copper bar, one end is connected the capacitor case. If the resistance is 0, then the capacitor is breakdown, it needs…

  • Set given Potentiometer to maximum, the relationship between power and voltage?

    IF voltage= DC voltage x 1.3 DC voltage=Input voltage x 1.3

  • Often burned the same part SCR, change the new one also burned, what’ the matter?

    Maybe SCR radiators are internal corrosion or thickness scale, maybe controlled silicon chip bad contact, or pulse transformer cause damage, it is better to replace the new.

  • When start up the furnace,the power is maximum,how to deal with?

    Maybe given potentiometer internal line break,change new one

  • The size of incoming cables of equipment?

    To make sure of each phase of the cable square size, first need to determine the size of each phase current. Current is based on the size of transformer…

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