Vacuum gold bullion maker

gold silver bullion making machine

Bullion maker for gold with gas protection

The CDOCAST precious metal gold silver copper bullion maker is specially for casting high-quality gold and silver bars and ingots. This gold bar Making machine can melt up to 4 x 1 kg of gold and silver ingots per batch. Or max 1pcs 15kg bullion on batch. And other customize sizes of bullion can also cast in our bullion maker. The entire melting process carries out under vacuum and with argon as a protective gas. As a result, the melted ingots have a shiny surface with no water ripples. The entire vacuum melting & casting process minimizes the loss of precious metals and maximizes the prevention of metal oxidation.


1, Four Pieces gold casting a time
2, Vacuum protection during heating process.
3, Continuous process monitoring by sensors