Brief introduction of COOLDO gold refinery machine solution

Do you Want to refine gold with 99,999% purity? Want to recover 100% precious metals from Jewelery Waste? Interested in the refining of precious metals like GoldPlatinumPalladium and Silver?  Now we will introduce some method of the refinery for your reference.

1.If you want to get 99.999% gold,  must need the raw gold of purity of 99.99% gold  and refinery with the  electrolysis machine, the electrolysis machine models have a variety of: 3kg/ days, 5kg/ days, 10kg/ days, 20kg/ days. The size of the processing capacity determines the volume of the groove.

gold electrolysis machine











 2: The purification methods of 22 K gold are divided into two kinds:

When use 22 K gold (gold purity of  91.3%)  and silver content is less than 5% Silver, use the  gold Electrolyzer machine refinery the gold directly to 99.99%, and if you want to get the 99.999%, use the  99.99% refinery in the Electrolyzer machine  to refinery again.

When use 22K gold and silver content over 5%, should  make the raw gold directly into the powder with gold powder making machine, and use the aqua regia machine to dissolve and refinery, and then get the gold of purity of 99.9%, and then use the nitric acid to boil in the Titanium barrel, and then can get the gold of 99.99%

  1. The purification methods of 18 K gold are divided into two kinds:   when you use the 18K gold and silver content is smaller than 5%, make then into powder with gold power making machine, and then use the aqua regia machine to disolve and refinery,and then you will get the gold of 99.5%, and then use the electrolyze machine to refinery to 99.99%, and if you want 99.999% , you should sue the 99.99% to refinery again.    When the raw gold is 18K and silver contect is over 5%, you should make it into 2 steps , first step:make the gold into power and use  nitric acid to dissolve it , and in this way, can refinery the gold to 99%, and then use the aqua regia machine you can get the 99.99% gold , and if you want the 99.999%, you can use the 99.99% to refinery with the electrolysis machine.