Warranty Policy

  • Quality is the cornerstone, service is the soul. Cooldo continue to provide our customers with reliable quality products at the same time, with a comprehensive system of technical support and meticulous and thoughtful after-sales service to win customers trust and satisfaction. To ensure you receive your full product warranty benefits, please read the following parts carefully:
    1. Warranty Period:
    Our warranty period comes from the machine begin to run normally and we will provide the whole life technology support to you for free.
    2.Warranty Range:
    All products sold by COOLDO In warranty period,we will provide you the spare parts for free. Our engineer will help you do the aftersales through our remote control system.When out of one year warranty time, we will provide the spare parts with the cost price for the whole machine lifetime.
    3.Warranty policies are as follows:
    After you buy our equipment, we can provide a full range of solutions for the use of the products , production process, and the use of a variety of problems, and the use of basic trouble shooting
    For failures caused by using process, we will send our aftersales engineer to discuss with you, and you should provide the video how the machine is broken,we will find out which part of the machine is broken and then we will send you the broken part By Dhl.
    The repairing time for warranty period products depends on the extent of products’ damage. Usually you just need to exchange the broken parts with the new one.
    4.The warranty range doesn’t include the following:
    a.The wearing parts is not covered in the warranty you should prepare the wearing parts when you first purchase.
    b.Caused by false operation or unauthorized repair
    c.The working condition are not satisfied
    d.Caused by rude transportation or handling
    e.Malfunction/aging Caused by rigorous environment
    f.Caused by natural disaster
    g.Caused by water leakage or shortage