VLF-IV vacuum suspension melting furnace

Vacuum suspension furnace

COOLDO vacuum induction levitation melting furnace, the water-cooled copper crucible is placed in a strong alternating magnetic field, and the metal in the water-cooled copper crucible is heated by the induction eddy current.There is no close contact between molten metal and water-cooled copper crucible by electromagnetic force. This prevents the crucible from polluting the material that needs melting,Thus, the high purity metal material can be gotten after molten,The refined liquid alloy in a water-cooled copper crucible can be poured into a mold ,and by rotating the alloy ingot compact texture can be obtained.


1, Temperature: 2000 °C
2, Vacuum Degree: 6.67×10﹣3Pa
3, Crucible Tcapacity: 20kg


VLF-IV vacuum suspension melting furnace


Vacuum induction suspension furnace

Vacuum suspension melting furnace is suitable for smelting active metals such as titanium, zirconium, rare earth materials, smelting and precision casting of titanium aluminum alloy. Mainly used in the production of high-purity metal materials, semiconductor single crystal materials, high melting point alloy and 3D printing .industry.

Vacuum suspension furnace:


Vacuum suspension furnace-1

1, horizontal furnace body, side door structure, convenient feeding and unloading, furnace structure is compact, less space occupation

2, 30 program temperature control, accurate temperature control, can control the heating rate and constant temperature time.

3, it is easy to replace the different coils to meet the melting of different KG number of materials

4, the installation of observation door, you can clearly observe  material in the furnace when melting

5, infrared thermometer can be installed, you can accurately measure the temperature of the liquid in the crucible (optional purchase).

6, equipped with diffusion pump or molecular pump unit, vacuum degree can reach 5X10-3 times

7, the electrode and crucible can be manually rotated in the furnace,so  the liquid can be completed in the chamber dumping and pouring, so as to avoid the risk of pouring and acheieve the pour in the  vacuum.

8, with second material charging system.

9, the rotary electrode and furnace body using Wilson seal, sealing performance is good, easy to rotate.

10. The water cooler is installed. The water cooler has the alarm of under voltage and no water consumption. It is safe and reliable to use.

11 using IGBT power supply, with over temperature, water break protection, and alarm, output current display and other functions.


VLF series vacuum suspension melting furnace is a special modern high purity smelting equipment. The equipment has high vacuum, compact structure and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal product for smelting, casting and casting materials for colleges, academies, institutes and industrial enterprises. The product is mainly used for smelting and purifying metal materials (such as titanium, nickel, cobalt, etc.) and rare earth super magnetic, telescopic alloy, sputtering target, polycrystalline silicon and high-purity rare earth metal under vacuum or protective atmosphere conditions.

Vacuum induction suspension furnace parameter :

crucible capacity (KG)0.525101520
Power (KW)65160250350400500
Frequency (KHZ)2088888
Voltage (V)250250250400400500
ultimate vacuum (Pa)6.6×10-16.6×10-36.6×10-36.6×10-36.6×10-36.6×10-3
Working pressure (Pa)46.6×10-26.6×10-26.6×10-26.6×10-26.6×10-2
Vacuum pressure increase rate (Pa)3pa/h
cooling water pressure(MPa)furnace body and power parts 0.2-0.3MPa water cooling copper crucible 0.4-0.5MPa
water cooling capacity M332530354045
machine weight (t)13.54.5555.5
equipment occupied1×23×43×4.53.5×53.5×53.5×5

VLF-IV vacuum suspension melting furnace 1. Melting metal materials with high melting point;

2, because there is no impurity from the crucible, it can melt ultra high purity metal materials and active metal materials;

3, because of the strong electromagnetic stirring, can produce alloy composition homogeneous, not affected by the proportion of smelting material composition;

4, shorten the melting time, achieve rapid melting;

5. The damage of water-cooled copper crucible is small, and the water cooled copper crucible has good service life;

6, the soft contact between the water-cooled copper crucible and molten metal liquid reduces the cooling load of the crucible, reduces the heat loss and reduces the energy consumption
7. The molten metal is easy to be poured out of the crucible in the non contact state;