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COOLDO Medium frequency induction melting furnace is with the most advanced& up-to-date technology design .The Melting capacity range varies from 10KG ~ 60 tons. It is mainly used for smelting ferrous and non ferrous metals, such as scrap iron, alloy steel, copper and aluminum, as well as smelting of precious metals such as gold and silver.


• Usage: Steel/iron/Aluminum/Copper Melting Furnace for foundry and steel plant
• Power: 10KW-30000KW
• Energy consumption:300-600 kwh/t

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Induction furnaces use electromagnetic induction to heat and melt metal such as silver, gold, platinum, iron, steel, zinc, platinum, bronze, aluminum, copper, brass, and silicon for a variety of industrial purposes. These furnaces deliver clean, energy-efficient melting capabilities through controlled processes, and are capable of reducing production losses. Induction furnaces also reduce dust and other pollutants generated by industrial processes.

Types of Induction Melting Furnace:

types of induction furnace


1), The power start-up way adopts frequency scanning zero-voltage soft start mode
2), The constant power control board which can monitor the variation of voltage and current automatically improves melting efficiency!
3), There is only one turn on/off switch and one power adjustment knob for easy operation.
4), Power supply is designed with reliable circuit protection, the electrical components work in a safe range,decrease the damage rate and increase the life obviously


 Main Features of Induction Melter:

1, Fast Melting speed ,  melting temperature is uniform, the oxidation loss is less, and the metal composition is uniform.

2, Strong adaptability , flexible usage in melting. In the medium frequency induction furnace, the molten steel can be completely pour out of the furnace, change the melting material is  convenient.

3,Adopt Excellent coil design and high quality thick wall copper tube,  the  reasonable optimization of design parameters which make the induction coil conversion efficiency the highest, the minimum resistance, more energy can be used in  smelting, and our induction coil is not easy to cause damage due to the arc and expansion force.

4, The solid coil support system makes every coil tightly locked, eliminating inter turn short circuit, and overcoming the driving force of electromagnetic force, which can greatly prolonging the service life of lining.

5, The lining leakage alarm system is installed in the bigger capacity furnace, not only to detect the leakage of the furnace, but also can  connect the high pressure to the ground to ensure the safety of the operation.

6,Aluminum Shell  furnace body , reasonable structure, low cost;steel  shell furnace furnace body with The magnetic yoke which can concentrate the magnetic field around the coils to generate thgreat melting efficiency.
Steel Frame Furnace Body:

steel shell induction melting furnace show

1), Cooldo Induction Melting Furnace are available in capacities ranging from 1.0T to 60 Tons.
2), These Induction furnaces are ruggedly built with heavy structural steel for trouble free operation under harsh melt shop conditions.
3), Thick walled rectangular coil sections are used to minimize coil losses. The higher coil efficiency ensures energy savings and higher productivity.
4), Special coil insulation prevents inter turn sparking.
Coil supports maintain inter turn gap and enhance the rigidity of The coil assembly

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 The Supply Scope Of the Steel Frame Induction Melting Furnaces:


induction melting furnace

1) Medium frequency power supply
Highly reliable with several protection levels site fault, excluding any human error factor. It is the main managing element of the whole system, equipped with the timer, heating elements temperature control.

This censor digital-controller should be additionally installed into the frequency thyristor converter in order to improve general work process, providing dozens programs storage, keeping archives up- to-date.The display reflect in a real-time-mode all processes information: power (kW), voltage loose (A), cranking voltage (V), capacitor voltage (Hz).

Big volume capacitors interconnected and adjust to the equipment power source; Maid of metal frame with capacitors installed above, including terminal blocks and pipes for the cooling liquid.


Furnace body (steel frame or aluminum frame)
Compose of steel frame with the hydraulic bias and induction coil.
The coil is installed upon the steel frame and insulated with high-temperature materials that protect the coil from the concrete lining and overheating of the material.

Exhausting fan (OPTIONAL)
It is installed upon melting units with hydraulic, and has additional hydraulic fluid power with the control panel. It is used to exhaust gases and steams (toxic).

Hydraulic station
Compose of pumps, valve system and control panel, connected with the hydraulic bias control panel.

Hydraulic bias control panel of the melting unit
Manages the bias angle of the melting units and provide smooth movement of the hydraulic system of the melting units

Lining displacing/changing mechanism (OPTIONAL)
It is used to change the lining quickly; it is compose of hydraulic pushing cylinder. This mechanism drastically reduces lining change process.

Water cooling cable 
Flexible and firm cable to connect melting unit with the capacitors batteries that power up the coil and cooling it with the liquid simultaneously.

KGPS-GW-MF Inductions melting furnace(Steel,Alloy steel):


MODELInput Voltage
Rate Power KWDC Voltage VWorking
CapacityPower Consumption
GW-0.05-100/1380(6 Pulse)10050010007500.05800
GW-0.15-100/1380(6 Pulse)10050010007500.15/0.12820
GW-0.25-160/1380(6 Pulse)16050010007500.25/0.2790
GW-0.3-250/1380(6 Pulse)25050010007500.3770
GW-0.5-250/1380(6 Pulse)250500100015000.5770
GW-0.75-400/1380(6 Pulse)400500100015000.75770
GW-1-500/1380(6 Pulse)500500100015001750
GW-1-750/1380/690(6 Pulse)750500/880100015001720
GW-1.5-1000/0.5690(6 Pulse)100088050026001.5700
GW-2-1500/0.5690(6 Pulse)150088050026002675
GW-3-2500/0.51000(6 Pulse)2500125050032003590-640
GW-4-3000/0.51000(6 Pulse)3000125050032004590-640
GW-15-10000/0.251000(24 Pulse)100001250250340015550-600
GW-20-12000/0.251000(24 Pulse)120001200250340020550-600
GW-25-14000/0.251000(24 Pulse)140001200150~200340025550-600
GW-30-16000/0.21000(24 Pulse)160001200150~200340030550-600
GW-40-18000/0.21000(24 Pulse)180001200150~200340040550-600
GW-50-20000/0.21000(24 Pulse)200001200150-200340050550-600

Cooldo Provide the Induction melting furnaces with kinds of the safety function, which can guarantee the furnace working more stable and the workers more safe , in this way, Our furnace can make your factory have more profit

1:Universal circuit breaker:

Installed in front of the electric cabinet, plays the  role as the Isolation switch funtion  in the power supply line, Equipped with a manual switch, automatic switch, voltage-loss protection, over-current protection function.Can display the current through the digital, can have the function of the  real-time monitoring,if any problems with the equipment,it can cut off the current at once, thus can protect the safety of the transformer.

Safety protection function

1:The main circuit and short circuit protection  2;SCR overvoltage protection 3. Main circuit phase fault protection4 The main circuit phase loss protection5Low water pressure protection 6. SCR overcurrent protection 7: furnace leakage alarm 8 :water temperature  system

Double Control Design

Control lines are completely isolated in a separate area.Effectively reduce electromagnetic interference,which can Keep control room clean and keep in a cool temperature , which Greatly improve the life of the circuit board and system reliability.

Furnace Leakage System

Adopt the Most Advanced Furnace Leakage System in china, In the following circumstances the system will  make judgments, and cut off the power supply1:The Molten Liquid Come through the crucible lining and close the induction coil2:the lining is too wet3:furnace body or the power supply has a low resistance to the ground

Remote control system

The remote control system is placed far away from the furnace body, which can be convenient and safe  for workers, this system with the function of the power control, current control, temperature control , voltage control..etc

Safety earthing switch

Isolate the  rectifier and inverter,Provide security protection for maintenance,In the ground position, both the inverter and the furnace body coil are in a safe place.