Push Out Induction Furnace

Push Out Induction furnace For Precious Metal

CDOCAST Automatic Push Out Induction Furnace is a highly efficient crucible melting furnace. It is a compact design with the latest technology. Especially, the crucible place inside the special design induction coil. The induction coil will protect by a high-temperature asbestos board and refractory material. In order to guarantee safety during the operation.

This induction coil can automatically lift up and down hydraulically/mechanically. The crucible place on a high High-temperature quartz basket of the small induction melter. A certain distance from the ground, convenient for workers to pinch out. After complete melting in the crucible, the induction coil will lift down. And the crucible will come out for workers to take out for pouring.

It is very convenient for some investment casting industry. Only two laborers are needed to carry the crucible and pour it into the mold anywhere.