Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine With Melting Furnace To Turkey

Investment Returns

Half automatic aluminum ingot line for small capacity.(1-10ton per day)
Most economical scheme wins highest return.
Machine fits perfectly in limited space
All of the customers can handle the machine within 1 day of training
High thermal efficiency, simple structure, easy operation and low energy consumption

Client Information

Location: Turkey
Customer: Yasinatay
Main products: Aluminum ingot


Aluminum ingots are widely used in construction, electric power, packaging, transportation, daily consumer goods and other occupations because of its light material. It can be used for the production of aluminum plate, foil, aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion packaging materials, but also for the chemical industry of aluminum alloy, utensils, cables, conductive body, central alloy, decoration materials, daily necessities, etc.


  1. Melt aluminum scrap into profiles to make ingots
  2. Output: 5ton-10ton aluminum per day
  3. Common specification of the pure aluminum ingot

Their Questions & Concerns

  1. Will the ingot have the hole?
  2. What is your training and installation ?
  3. How long is your after-sales service?
  4. How to control the purity of the ingot ?

The CDOCAST Solution

  1. Aluminum Gas Tilting Melting Furnace which can melt with gas resource
  2. Launder connects furnace to ingot mould connect the gas furnace and also the  ingot casting machine
  3. Slag remover which can get rid of the slag in the aluminum molten liquid and can make the ingot purity to 99.9
  4. Casting line with water cooling which is 9 meters long can make the full line running smoothly and continuously

Finished Products example

aluminum ingot

Production onsite& video

Investment Returns3
ingot casting machine
Investment Returns5