Mesh belt Atmosphere Control Continuous Brighten Annealing Furnace

Mesh belt Atmosphere Control Continuous Brighten Annealing Furnace

Mainly include the preheating section, heating furnace, cooling section, transmission
system, gas, water and controQQ图片20171226165315l cabinet and other components. In order to reduce the consumption of protective gas, Combining the pre

heating section, the heating furnace, and the cooling section into a through-type “bridge” structure.

(1)Pre-heating section:
The preheating section is composed of
feeding area, muffle, furnace door, smoke
hood, etc., and a small assistant wheel is
smoothly arranged at the junction with the muffle
horizontal section,To make the workpiece in the process of feeding movement, smooth, no vibration, parts and parts without any relative sliding.In order to make full use of the heat energy, an insulated heat insulation cotton is wrapped outside the preheating section to play the role of preheating the workpiece.When heating ,the muffle will expansion, The telescopic movement can be carried out on the support by the idler wheel supporting the preheating section, In order to reduce the thermal deformation of the muffle furnace.In the exit of preheat section of the Annealing furnace and the cooling section is equipped with adjustable stainless steel curtain for sealing and ensure the workpiece is notoxidized, so that the workpiece can be more brightness.

(3)Cooling section :
The cooling section is a full water jacket structure and is divided into five sections, The first& second cooling section , adopted all boiler steel , can effectively prevent furring,Long term cooling capacity will not decrease,The discharge port is provided with a smoke cover  and a door curtain to prevent air from entering, so as not to influence the surface gloss of the annealed workpiece after cooling,In order to ensure
safety, there is an explosion proof device in the cooling section. When the atmosphere is abnormal and the explosion occurs, the explosion proof film of the
explosion-proof device breaks, and the abnormal pressure in the furnace is released to ensure the safety of the furnace,Adding a group of heat exchangers in the first section of the cooling section can increase thecooling effect. Oxygen content, dew point and hydrogen content sampling device are arranged at the back end of the annealing furnace, the front end of the cooling section, the second cooling end section and the third cooling section,A dew point meter, an oxygen analyzer and a hydrogen analyzer are installed in the first cooling section. A dew point instrument is installed in the preheated section, and the main air inlet is fitted with a dew point meter,The furnace atmosphere purity can be monitored in real time, and the status of the workpiece in the furnace can be reflected from the data.The stainless steel pipe is connected to the analyzer, and the air outlet of the measuring instrument is connected with the evacuation pipeline, and the base of the dew point instrument and the oxygen analyzer is in agreement with the equipment tone.

(4)Drive system:
The transmission is composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a transmission roller, a
supporting roller and a net belt. The linear speed of the belt movement is changed by
changing the frequency of the direct current motor of the reducer, usually 50~800mm/min,The inverter controller adopted the Japanese Fuji (FUJI) company’s products or other foreign,Top brand products, its output frequency is stability, and has a wide adjustable range, to ensure the stable operation of the mesh belt, adding a set of manual equipment in electric drive reducer, for standby power.
Mesh belt is one of the key components of the annealing furnace,we adopt the
Japanese Nippon Steel or Swedish steel wire weaving, using 314 materials.The Mesh belt has high temperature resistance, good bearing; in high temperature running without decoupling, not brittle crack, comply with the Ministry of machinery standard JB/T9155-2000,
Under the normal continuous working condition, the mesh belt under the high
temperature can last more than 6 months. The mesh belt will be expanded when it is used at high temperature, and the automatic tensioning and aligning device will be designed in thetransmission structure to make the belt run smoothly.

(5)Air circuit system:
In order to ensure that the workpiece in the protection of the atmosphere under the
annealing, in the preheating section, the cooling section are equipped with protective gas inlet,each inlet are equipped with two flow gauge valve and flow meter, respectively, ammonia decomposition Air flow meter and pure nitrogen flow meter, each protective gas to select the corresponding flow meter. According to the need to adjust the flow of protective gas to achieve the best results, save the consumption of protective gas, reduce the cost of annealing production.The utility model can automatically carry nitrogen charging in the furnace when the sudden power failure or emergency occurs, and the utility model has the function of safety protection. Flow directions are indicated on each line.

(6)Water way system:
In order to ensure the sealing of the annealing furnace muffle and the cooling of the
annealing work, there is a cooling water at the flange connected to the heating furnace muffle in the preheating section, with multiple cooling water in the cooling section, Out of the way out of water to speed up the flow of water to achieve the best cooling effect. Water pipe with seamless welded pipe, horizontal and vertical, simple and beautiful. Using low into the way out of the water, to speed up the flow of water to achieve the best cooling effect. Water pipe with seamless welded pipe, horizontal and vertical, simple and beautiful.