CDOCAST launched New Design Gold Smelter With Manual Tilting System

   CDOCAST launched New Design Gold Smelter With Manual Tilting System

CDOCAST launched a new gold Smelter which is manual tilting, This small  coreless induction melting furnaces capable of melting ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals. this gold smelter is designed with the most powerful IGBT induction technology available in the market for 1kg to 15kg  capacity gold melting. We have Upgrade the Structural design, we add a melting chamber which can place the crucible inside the chamber,and also set up a  Material collection chassis below the crucible , the new gold smelting Machine Which will make the our gold melters more convenient to operate , even can help you gain more profit through our melting furnace.

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The crucible of this newest gold smelter can be tilted by manual hand, The Melting crucible will be placed inside of the melting chamber, and under the crucible we will add Fixed supporting mechanism which can gurantee the safety of the pouring  process . This Fixed supporting mechanism can hold heavy weight when you full load the gold in the crucible,what is more, this support mechanism  is Labor saving when tilt  the crucible .

What is more,  we have designed a Material collection chassis under the crucble,   as we know,when pouring  the molten gold, becasuse of the temperature difference, and alsothe  Mould humid there will be Metal Sparkle spatter, and some Gold will come out together with the spark, which will lead to a certain amount of loss , with this small Material collection chassis, it will be much easy to collect splashed gold ,So this new design furnace will  greatly  Reduce loss in smelting process

And below is the sumary of ADVANTAGE our gold melter :

1:These gold smelters can be operated for 24 hours continuously;
2:CDOCAST gold smelters is based on the induction technology which can gurantee each pot melting time only takes about 5-10 minutes.
3:All CDOCAST Gold Smelter are designed with advanced safety alarm system. This attribute helps you identify system; overvoltage, water lack, etc very easy, thus can gurantee the safety of the operator

4:Temperature control system can be chosen between IR optical pyrometer and thermocouple depend on different melting metal,For Gold, silver , copper melting , we recommended the thermocouple control system , and for the platinum ,palladium melting  we will install IR optical pyrometer testing system, both will ensure you can control the melting temperature during the whole process

5:When compared to the traditional resistance and also gas heaters. Induction gold smelters were discovered that the gold smelter is far more speeding melting
6: The dust collector can be installed which can collect the dust created during melting process ,so our gold melter is very enviromental

7:All CDOCAST Gold smeters adheres strictly to the ISO 9001:2015 minimal typical. This means that the equipment can be utilized in most countries of the globe;

8:CDO gold melters are light-weight as well as takes in much less room, So buyer no need to consider big workshop to place our furnaces.

9: CDO Gold melter has high heating efficiency while medium frequency magnetic field stirs the molten metal , this feature gives your mixing procedure the preferred degree of homogeneity;

10:Maintenance of the furnace is very easy. Crucibles can be easily changed during operation. This feature conserves you a great deal of time and also it additionally makes cleaning as well as fixing extremely simple.

11: Most of the water cooling plant have beed build in the furnace body already

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