IGBT Gold Melting Furnaces

  Why The Induction  Gold Melting Furnace is Popular in the Gold Refinery Industry

Professional mining companies discover gold in relatively higher qualities and it is already present in some natural shape. In order to bring out the desired shape and size of this gold, the companies are first required to convert it into liquid form. With the help of gold melting furnaces, the gold is melted with a considerable amount of heat.  This also ensures burning off the impurities and converting the gold into its purest form. There are a variety of gold melting furnaces available in the market which employ different techniques to carry out the task. One of the best is the IGBT gold melting furnace, the details of which are given below:
Manipulation of the Power Controls:
One of the biggest advantages of this technology is that it runs on low power. Even this power can be manipulated during the gold melting process which allows the operator to increase or decrease it according to his preference at any time. It can also save up to 30 percent of energy as compared to other types of gold melting furnaces.

Varied Frequency Range:
Another huge advantage with it is that the frequency range is also very flexible and can be controlled with the help of power units. This allows reaching very high or very low levels of frequency at any time.

Multiple Furnaces:
There is a possibility that the gold melting furnace might come with two crucibles. This means one can hold already melted gold whereas the other one will be able to melt more gold.

The capacity range of these furnaces is relatively high. From melting as low as 1 kg with smaller furnaces, the range can go as high as 500 kg.

It can be used in a factory or laboratory and is suitable for a family shop as well. This is because it has no complexity and is very easy to use. Plus, there are no dangers attached to its usage, therefore, from local factories to huge industries, it can satisfy the need of various units of any magnitude.

Voltage and Power:
It can be used for single phase,three phase, and can run on the voltage of 110V,220 V,340V,380V,420V. The power which it requires to run can range from 6 KW to 500 KW making it perfect to handle various kinds of loads.
This technology has surpassed the previous ones when it comes to being used in induction systems. There is nothing else in the market which can match the quality, efficiency, and reliability of the IGBT gold melting furnaces.

Cooldo  supplies several series of systems & equipment pieces for melting gold, silver and Platinum .  The Small Intergrated Gold Melting Furnace are an entry level system designed for small shop melting.  Cooldo Gold Melting Furnace has the advantage of stable& reliable& speedy melting speed. Under Normal condition with the full load of  material it takes about 20 minutes for first melting pot, and for the second  melting , it takes within 10 minutes. Check the following  Gold Melting Furnace types for your reference.


Cooldo Induction Melting Furnace Adopt Advanced Igbt power supply varies from high frequency to medium frequency, and the furnace body can be designed as either Hand-Wheel, Electro-Mechanical or hydraulic tilt systems, depending upon the load being melted and customer preference. Systems can be equipped with optional Thermocouples or Infrared pyrometers for accurate temperature control of the materials being heating and melted.