20kg-50KG DC Small Submerged Arc Furnace

Submerged Arc Furnace
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20kg-50KG DC Submerged Arc Furnace For Lab usage

Electric arc furnace (EAF) is a kind of power frequency electric furnace which uses arc energy to smelt metal. Industrial electric arc furnaces can be classified into three categories

The first type is the direct heating type. The arc occurs between the special electrode rod and the charging material, which is directly heated by the arc. Mainly used in steel making Industry as well as  smelting iron, copper, refractories, refining liquid steel, etc.

The second type is indirect heating. The arc occurs between two special electrode rods. The charging material  is heated by the radiation of the arc which is used for smelting copper and copper alloys.

The third type is called submerged arc furnace, which uses high resistivity ore as raw material. In the process of working, the lower part of the electrode is usually buried in the furnace charge.

The submerged arc furnace is mainly used for reducing and smelting ores, carbon reducing agents and solvents and other raw materials. It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, ferrotungsten, ferrosilicon and manganese alloys, and is an important industrial raw material in metallurgical industry and chemical raw materials such as calcium carbide.

The transformer of the submerged arc furnace has continuous and stable load, low impedance voltage, more voltage regulation series, smaller stage difference and strong overload ability. It can be divided into on-load and off-load  voltage regulation. Generally, the former constant capacity output and the latter constant current output.

The main point of this article is to explain thes small  submerged arc furnace For lab


  • 1:Top feeding system
  • 2:Low impedance energy-saving new electric furnace short net:
  • 3:Adopting copper busbar, large section water-cooled cables, resistance value of short net is≤0.08+j2.3mΩ, three-phase impedance balance is less than 5%.
  • 4:The furnace body adopts electric tilting, electric motor plus speed reducer, which is safe and reliable.
  • 5:There are three kinds of structure for the automatic lifting regulator for users to choose, and we choose the third kinds:
  • 6:Automatic lifting regulator for double winding torque motor and reducer.
  • 7:Microprocessor control frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic lifting regulator.
  • 8:PLD control, frequency conversion speed control, automatic lifting regulator. The electrode lifting can be operated automatically and manually, the setting range of arc flow is 25%~150%Ie, the electrode response time is≤0.15s.(Can adopt the plc control system also)
  • 9:The material of the electrode chuck is chrome copper, which is tightened by stainless steel holding belt and has long service life.
  • 10:Vacuum switch cabinet is used in the control of high voltage electrical apparatus. It has complete detection and measurement of voltage, current and power, and relay protection. Silicon-coated zinc oxide arrester is installed to absorb the switching overvoltage and has simple rectifier power supply for switching closing. (no high voltage)
  • 11:The electric furnace transformer adopts a low-loss and energy saving transformer, which can be overloaded for a long time by 20%, and the voltage is 30-50V.
  • 12:Low voltage electrical appliances are controlled by PLC.
  • 13:The pressure of cooling water system is greater than 0.2MPa.                                        



No Item Parameter
1 Rated capacity 50kg (steel)
2 Max capacity 70kg (steel)
3 Inner diameter of furnace shell φ300mm
4 Electrode diameter φ80mm
5 Diameter of electrode distribution circle No
6 Electrode stroke 1500mm
7 Electrode lift speed 1-1.5m/min
8 Rated capacity of transformer 125KVA


Primary voltage 380V
Secondary voltage 30V/50V(Predetermined scheme)
10 Rated current 2500A
11 Power frequency 50HZ
12 Tapping dip angle 45degree
13 Slag dip angle 15degree
14 Furnace lid lift height 200mm
15 Max tilting speed 0.75degree/s
16 Furnace lid rotation angle No furnace lid
17 Metal structure weight 1T
18 Cooling water consumption 0.5T/hour

Equipment composition

  • Electrical equipment composition:
  • Furnace operation platform-                     1 set
  • Electrode lifting main operationplatform         -1 set
  • Electrode lifting control cabinet-                   1 set
  • Electric furnace transformer-                  1 set
  • High voltage switch cabinet-                 1 set
  • Mechanical equipmentcomposition:
  • Furnace body (refractory)-                        1 set
  • Tilting mechanism and its locking device-                  1 set
  • Furnace lid unscrewing and lifting mechanism-without furnace lid                 1 set
  • Electric system-                  1 set
  • Short net-                      1 set
  • Cooling water system-                   1 set
  • Supply scope not included(self-prepared by users):
  • Graphite electrode                     1 set
  • Externally connect water, gas and electric lines.             1 set
  • Engine oil of reducer                    1 set
  • Other auxiliary equipment            1 set
  • Operate trolley                             1 set
  • Loadingbasket                              1 set