TL Tube Furnace

Laboratory Tube Furnace

COOLDO TL tube furnaces are porpular in the market with the factory direct sale price, high performance, compact outer dimensions and low weight. The laborator tube furnace equipped with a alundum tube which serves as support for the heating elements. Both end of the tube are sealed by stainless steel flange and the sealed chamber with air cooling as well as the vacuum and gas flow control system enables material processing.


1, Temperature: From 1200 °C to 1800 °C
2, High efficient ceramic fiber insulation
3, Temperature controller: 30 segments Programmable control
4, Heating elements: Resistance wire, silicon carbide rod, Silicon molybdenum rods.

 TL Laboratory Tube Furnace Description:



1. Temperature controller: 30 segment temperature controller with PID  Intelligent adjustment
2. Door limit switch: Power source cut off as soon as open the door.
3. Chamber: The material used the alumina fiber material, good performance of heat preservation, high reflectivity
4. Heating elements: Resistance wire, silicon carbide rod, Silicon molybdenum rods, these used on basis of different temperaturr.
5. Leakage air switch: Automatically cut off the power as soon as the electricity leak or current exceed rated current.
6. Controlling system:
a, Power control: Chint; b, Controlled silicon: Germany Semikron 106/16E; c, Trigger: Phase-shift trigger
7. Sealing system: Sealing by O type silica gel seal ring at between furnace tube and flange, which can ensure 12 hours pressure keeping.
8, Vacuum system: we have three vacuum pump 10-1Pa, 10-3 Pa, TW-1.5A for the option.
9, Flange: Adopt the double ring sealing type, and the flange also have connector on it for connecting the resistive vacuum gage, KF25 bellow Tube etc.
10, Soft control system(Optional): The furnace have equipped the communcation interface and soft, which can control and see all the parameter through the computer. and will draw our the temperature rising curve chart at real time, storage all the record and callour anytime you want.


1,  Gas flow meter
2,  Built-in breaker, thermalcouple, communication interface
3, Stainless steel vacuum flange
4, Gas Valve
5, Flange support
6, Voltage meter
7, Pannel switch
8, Turn on
9, Turn off
10, Open circuit
11, Power indicator
12, Temperature controller display
13, Ampere meter
14, Double layer furnace body
15, Gas Valve
16, Presure Meter.

Parameter of Tube Furnace:


Model Voltage
Chamber Size
 Heating Zone
TL1200-S-Ⅰ  220 1.5 Φ25×700 1200℃  200 ≤20℃/min
TL1200-S-Ⅱ  220 1.5 Φ50×700
TL1200-Ⅰ  220 2.5 Φ60×1000 1200℃  400 ≤20℃/min
TL1200-Ⅱ  220 2.5 Φ80×1000
TL1200-Ⅲ  220 3.5 Φ100×1000
TL1200-Ⅳ  220 4 Φ120×1000
TL1200-V  220 4 Φ150×1000
TL1200-VI 220 6 Φ200×1000
TL1200-VII 220/380 10 Φ250×1300
TL1400-Ⅰ 220 4 Φ40×800 1350℃  260 ≤20℃/min
TL1400-Ⅱ 220 4 Φ60×1000 260
TL1400-Ⅲ 220 4 Φ80×1000 260
TL1400-IV  220 6 Φ100×1000 300
TL1400-V  220 7 Φ120×1000 300
TL1600-Ⅰ  220 5 Φ60×1000  1550℃  300 ≤20℃/min
TL1600-Ⅱ 220 5 Φ80×1000
TL1600-Ⅲ 220 6 Φ100×1000
TL1700-Ⅰ  220 5 Φ60×1000  1700℃  300 ≤20℃/min
TL1700-Ⅱ  220 5 Φ80×1000 
TL1700-III  220 6 Φ100×1000  260
TL1800-Ⅰ 220 2.5 Φ60×800  1800℃  180 ≤20℃/min
TL1800-II  220 5.5 Φ80×1000  320
TL1800-III  220 5.5 Φ100×1000  320
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