Slide Track Furnace with PECVD System

PECVD System Slide Tube Furnace

COOLDO slide track furnace with PECVD system is an affordable and compact PE-CVD vacuum tube furnace system with slidable mechanism, Which include the vacuum tube furnace, quartz vacuum chamber, RF plasma generator, GX air supplying system, air-bleed system, vacuum measurement system etc. Such a slide tube furnace is a new tool to make heating process in the market.


1、Temperature up to 1200ºC
2、Fast heating rate:20°c/min
3、High heating & cooling rate using sliding furnace
4、Widly range of material deposition including SiOx, SiNx, SiOxNy and Amorphous silicon (a-Si:H)

Description of Slide Vacuum Tube furnace with PECVD:



1. Temperature controller: 30 segment temperature controller with PID  Intelligent adjustment
2. Door limit switch: Power source cut off as soon as open the door.
3. Chamber: The material used the alumina fiber material from Japan, both end of the tube have sealed by stainless steel flange with air cock,  valve, pressure meter on it.
4. Heating elements:  Sweden Canthal resistance wire
5,  Sealing system:sealing by O type silica gel seal ring at between furnace tube and flange, which can ensure 12 hours pressure keeping.
6, Vacuum system: the vacuum degree of furnace tube can arrive at 10-3 pa, we have two vacuum pump 10-1Pa and 10-3 Pan for the option.
7. Leakage air switch: Automatically cut off the power as soon as the electricity leak or current exceed rated current.
8, Gas supplying system: This system have the mass flow meter, which can help to control the air flow rate.
9, Flange: Adopt the double ring sealing type, and the flange also have connector on it for connecting the resistive vacuum gage, KF25 bellow Tube etc.

Parameter of Slide Atmosphere Tube Furnace:


Model Power
Chamber Size
Heating seciton
RF Generator 
Signal Frequency
RF Generator
 power output
TL1200-I-PECVD  1.5 220 Dia50X1300  205   13.56MHZ
0-100W  1200 1200
TL1200-Ⅱ-PECVD 2.5 220 Dia60X1800  400   0-500W  1200 1200
TL1200-III-PECVD  3.5 220 Dia80X1800  400   0-500W  1200 1200
TL1200-IV-PECVD  3.5 220 Dia100X1800  400   0-500W  1200 1200
TL1200-1200- I–PECVD 2.5 220 Dia60X1800  205 205 0-500W 1200 1200
 TL1200-1200-II-PECVD  3.5 220 Dia80X1800  205 205 0-500W  1200 1200
TL1200-1200- III -PECV 3.5 220 Dia100X1800  205 205 0-500W  1200 1200


1, Coil
2, Film growth Room
3, Gas In
4, Track
5, RF generator
6, Gas Admission passage
7, Low vacuum machine

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