Silver Melting Furnace (Motor Tilting System)

Silver Melting Equipment

Coold Silver melting furnace with motor tilting system is designed for 30-50kg. which is suitable for melting and making the precious metal ingot like gold,silver,copper etc. With speedy melting peroid in 3-5min per batch gained popular in market. When melting process is done, you just press the tilting button, the furnace body will turn over by the motor running.


1. Melting Capacity: 30-50kg
2. Furnace body with motor tilting
3. The mould is intergrated with furnace body

Silver Melting Furnace (Motor Tilting System):


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Gold Melting Pot for gold foundries:

motor tilting machine-structure(1)Cooldo Silver/Plainum melting furnace with motor tilting system is used in the gold or jewellery industry and in precious metal foundries with advanced IGBT Control system. They are equipped with new high performance induction generators that very easy and short reach the melting point and ensure thorough mixing the molten metals. The melting unit and crucible can be tilted and locked in any position by the user operated at multiple angles for gentler filling. Before pouring, please preheating the mould to prevent the thousand degree temperature liquid splash and also avoid ingot fault. The operator is forced to stand to the side of the machine – away from the dangers of the pouring off area.

Technical Parameter Of Mini Gold Melting Furnace:



Model HF-15 HF-15S HF-25
MAX input power 15KW 15KW 25KW
MAX input current 32A 32A 24A
Input voltage Single phase 180V-245V 50/60Hz Three-phase 340V-420V50/60Hz
Oscillation frequency 30K-100KH 30K-80KH
Requirement of cooling water Hydraulic pressure ≥0.2Mpa
Flow rate ≥2 L/Min ≥6 L/Min
Temperature of water ≤45℃
Generator box Weight 22kg 14kg 30kg
Volume 48X21X44 cm 59X24X48
Transformer box Weight / 8kg /
Volume / 40X21X44 /

Feature of precious Metal Melting Furnace Panel:

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1, Portable gold melting induction furnace
2, The furnace used  IGBT modle from Germany
3, Shorter Melting peroid for all gold,silver,cooper etc.
4, The furnace with full protection device for error operating.
5, Melting furnace with good electromagnetic stir function and less impurity

Application of Crucible Gold Melting Furnace:

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