Rectifier Transformer

Furnace Transformer

Oil-filled three-phase rectifier transformers are widely used in industries where require a significant direct current (dc) supply. Cooldo design,product,test,commision and maintain rectifier transformer with power ratings from 400kva to 63MVA. Our products are used across a wide nimiety of applications by nationally and internationally customer.


• Primary system voltage up to: 52kv
• Rated Power: 400kva - 63MVA
• Usage: Furnace/Lighting/Electric Appliance/Medical Equipment/Rectifier Device


Rectifier transformers of diverse structures with secondary winding phase differences of 30°, 15° and 7.5° for 6-, 12-, 24- and 48-phase rectification can be designed and manufactured according to requirements of the users.

Two types of rectifiers are available: thyristor rectifiers and diode rectifiers. In both cases, the transformers that power them must supply a gradually adjustable secondary voltage, which is normally produced via an on-load switch (OLTC). In cases in which the range of secondary voltages is high, the variation is produced through a regulation transformer, which can be located in a separate tank or in the same tank as the main transformer.

24 pulse rectifier transformer

1. Rated power:14-35Mva
2. Greatly reduces the influence of harmonics
3. Save Power Consumption,improve efficiency.
4.Suit for furnace factory and steel mill.

ZS/ZHS seris Rectifier Transformer

1. Phase: 3 phase high/low voltage
2. Stable electrical performance,high overload capacity
3. Evergy saving,low noise (<65dB)

• Type of Cooling: ONAN/ONAF/OFAF
• Rated power: 400kva-63mva
• Usage: Furnace/Lighting/Electric Appliance/Medical Equipment/Rectifier Device

ZSSP seris Rectifier Transformer

1. High Thermal Stability
2. Rectifying the power
3. Anti-leakage design of tank, prevent tank leakage.

• Type of Cooling: ONAN/ONAF/OFAF
• Rated power: 800kva-10mva
• Usage: Furnace/Lighting/Electric Appliance/Medical Equipment/Rectifier Device


High-votage winding adopt the continuous interleaved structure to improve the distribution characteristics under surge voltage and obtain relatively uniform electric field distribution. The strips and cushion blocks are chamfered to imporve the reliability of insulation. The is winding oil guide structure inside the transformer winding,so that each area within the winding can be fully cooled,thus reducing winding temperature rise and wingding hot spot temperature rise and extending the insulation service life.

2. Core

The core material is high -quality cold-rolled high magnetic conductive graion-oriented silicon steel sheets and the advanced automatic cutting line imported from Georg is used for blanking. The burrs at the sheared edges are controlled at smaller than 0.02mm. The silicon steel sheets adopt the process of non-laminated tup yoke and the lap joint of silicon sheets is 45° full sloping step. Intergrated pressurizing and epoxy adhesive are applied to make the three limbs and two yokes a strong and smooth entity of high vertical accuracy,hence their no-load performance effectively improved and noise reduced.

3. Fuel tank and accessories

The tank wall adopts wide steel sheets not but weled,instead,they are corrugated to reduce weld joins and improve mechanical strength. Meanwhile,corrugated tank walls have dissipation effects,thereby reducing noise. The secondary circuit wiring board and control cabinets are all made with stainless steel. The tank edges have dual sealing grooves. The outer sealing material is used to prevent air and ultraviolet ray from damaging the interal sealing material,thereby improving the service life of sealing elements to the maximum extent and ensuring the sealing reliability.

4.Group members

We have established good cooperative relationship with many large transformer component manufacturers and can make diverse components based on different user requirements. Our production, R&D and sales services are strictly performed according to international certification and ISO quality management system.


Technical Parameter of Rectifier Transformer

  1. ZS series Rectifier Transformer


2. 24 Pluse Rectifier Transformer


Remote Monitoring System of Transformer’s operating conditions


1.Inputting the switching value and analog quantity of transformer and cooler to the detecting system, and also connect to high voltage switch cabinet microprocessor protection device.

2.Every once in a while( customized ), the system will send the running condition of transformer and cooler as a message to the administrator ( can set 5 persons). And The administrator also can edit message “CX” send to the system while the system will report the condition of transformer and cooler soon.

3.When the transformer and cooler abnormality running, the system will send the message to every administrator mobile phone within 5 seconds as soon as detected, and also will calling to the first administrator at first time. Meanwhile The switching value of abnormality will output to high voltage switch cabinet microprocessor protection device.

The Transformer detected by the system can let us know the problem immediately, and solve the problem soon. .The system also can send the running condition of transformer to our after-service Monitor computer database, let our transformer and user together monitoring and managing the transformer.