Precious Metal Continuous Casting Machine

Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine

Metal continuous casting machine is designed for those need special shaping products of precious metal like sheet pull, tube pull, wire pull etc on basis the mould you have. The machine have the argon gas protection which can prevent metal oxidization and loss. The end products draw out is down pulling direction, and this method adopt can let the products reach more further length.


1, Automatic drawing process
2, Easy and clearly arranged operating keys
3, Continuous process monitoring by sensors


Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine Video:

vacuum casting machine

Precious Metal Continuous Casting Machine:

HTB1qpmeeiwIL1JjSZFsq6AXFFXaMThe machine adopt the high temperature circulating cooling pulling design, also inside have the pulse stir device for keeping the same metal percentage of all. according with different mould, the machine can produce  Special shaping precious metal like gold, K gold, sheet pulls of silver, Tuble Pull, Bracing wire pull etc. The machine have equipped with the argon gas protection device for guarantee not oxidation and loss.

Parts Description:
1, watch window: Check the metal melting condition
2, Melting Chamber: Electro-magnetic induction melting method with atmosphere protection.
3,Crucible: Adopt the graphite crucible and quartz crucible
4, Down Pulling device: adopt down pulling method to making the finished products reach more further lenght.
5,Cooling water device: plug and play with The machine deigned the position for water input and out put.
6,Foundation device: Installed four wheels and 2 lifting wheel for easy moving.

Metal Continuous Casting Machine Service for casting Different kinds shape of produces:



Metal continuous casting machine parameter:



Suitable MetalK-Gold、Gold、SilverK-Gold、Gold、Silver
Melting Time5-8min5-8min
GasArgon Gas、NitrogenArgon Gas、Nitrogen
Overall Size1000*800*1850(mm)800*600*651(mm)
Machine Weight250KG220KG


1, watch window,
2, Furnace body
3, Motor
4, Operation panel
5, cooling device
6, Down Pulling Device
7, Main power switch
8, pressure switch
9, Light