Metal Melting Furnace

Metal Melting Machine

Cooldo Provide Varies Kinds of Metal Melting Furnace, which are ideal solution for non-ferrous and ferrous metal melting,the melting capacity can varies from 1kg to 70 ton, which can meet your requirement of the foundry, lab, steel industry..etc, The obvious features of COOLDO Metal melting furnace are lower power consumption, higher melting efficiency, lower noise, small occupied land, lower air pollution .


• Usage: Ferrous metal/ Non Ferrous Metal
• Capacity :1kg-3000kgs
•Voltage: Three-phase 340-420V 50/60Hz

small metal melting furnace Onsite:


Metal melting furnace with motor tilting

Furnace Body Option for Various Kinds of Metal Melting Furnace :


Cooldo  Provided several series of systems & equipment pieces for melting gold, silver and copper,aluminum , the melting capacity varies from 10kg to 5000ton,

our metal melting furnaces has the advantage of fast melting, energy saving, can continuous work for 24 hours,it is your best choice for the homemade foundry, steel making industry,lab..

Cooldo can custom-made kinds of body, like  steel frame metal melting furnace, aluminum frame metal melting furnace, manual tilting metal smelter, hydraulic smelting furnace, which type you choose, you can consult our engineer, they will give you professional solution to meet your special requirement.


Steel  Frame Metal Melting Furnace

1. Melting capacity range from 0.1 ~ 70 tons.
2. There are several protection functions to ensure safety.
3. Magnetic yoke construction help generate great melting efficiency

• Usage: Cast iron/Scrap steel/Stainless steel..etc foundry
• Power: 50KW-30000KW
• Energy consumption: 500-680 kwh/t


Aluminum Shell Metal Smelting Furnace:

1. Melting capacity range from 0.1 ~ 5 tons.
2. There are several protection functions to ensure safety.
3.Open type furnace hearth reduces moisture to extend furnace lining life

• Usage: Cast iron/Scrap steel/Stainless steel..etc foundry
• Power: 50KW-3000KW
• Energy consumption: 500-680 kwh/t


Small Square Type Metal Melting Furnace

1. Melting capacity range from 0.1 ~ 200kg.
2.  Square Type Shape Furnace body with Motor Tilting Or Manual Tilting.
3.Aluminum frame with crucible inside or lining sand building crucible.

• Usage: Cast iron/Scrap steel/Stainless steel..etc foundry
• Power: 50KW-200KW
• KGPS Technology Based


Manual/Motor Tilting Metal Melting Machine

1. Melting capacity range from 1 ~ 100kg.
2. Tilting  Type with Motor  Reducer Or Manual Tilting.
3.Small Size and easy to change the Crucible lining .

• Usage: Cast iron/Scrap steel/Stainless steel..etc foundry
• Power: 15KW-160KW
• IGBT technology based

Standard configuration of The small metal melting furnace Power Supply:



Parameters of electric power installation of equipment:
1, Enough electric power
2, According to the purchased equipment, user shall choose the enough electric power, the lack electric power will lead to the unstable voltage or over low voltage when the equipment works, thus, the equipment can’t work normally;

Choose a suitable air switch or other power switches

Please refer to the requirements in the equipment installation diagram to choose a proper air switch or knife switch and fuse; the specification of air switch shall be appropriate, that is, the parameter of current shall be suitable, if it is too large, it can’t take the effect of protection, and if it is too small, the tripping operation happens easily; the most important is that the quality of air switch must be good, the interior contact of a low-quality air switch produces the heat easily, which can cause the faults like the poor contact, air switch heat, phase lack, etc., and even can damage the equipment;

Choose the large enough copper cables to install the equipment power lines

In accordance with the requirements shown as the equipment installation diagram, choose the copper cables to install the equipment power lines, the power lines must be the standard goods and large enough. The low-quality cables lead to the seriously hot cables, low supply voltage of equipment, great loss of electric power, in addition, after the cable is hot, the heat is transmitted to the cable joint and air switch, and thus, these parts will be damaged;


Standard configuration of The KGPS Power Supply:

1, Turn on and turn off the smelter easily, and power failure will not affect the service life of electric furnace.
2, Adopt constant power to control the circuit, maintain constant power while melting, and keep higher melting rate.
3, Set up over voltage, over current and water deficient protector in the system to monitor the operation.
4, The electric motherboard adopts CAD technology, integrated circuit board, low-fault-rate, easy-manipulating, effort less maintenance.
5, Zero voltage starts up softly, high initial power, don´t impact on the electric network.
6, Apply to melt ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal like copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, iron, stainless steel etc.


IGBT scrap metal melting furnace power supply:


Model Fe, ss Cu, Au, Ag Al, Al-alloy Model Fe, ss Cu, Au, Ag Al, Al-alloy
MF-15 3kg 10kg 3kg MF-70 25kg 80kg 25kg
MF-25 5kg 20kg 5kg MF-90 40kg 120kg 40kg
MF-35 10kg 30kg 10kg MF-110 50kg 150kg 50kg
MF-45 18kg 50kg 18kg MF-160 100kg 250kg 100kg
Remark: Above melting capacity sheet for general reference;
Melting duration:  When the crucible is hot,20~30min./workload;
When the crucible is cold(first melt),40~50min./ workload.
Scrap metal melting equipment:
MODEL Input Voltage
Rate Power KW DC Voltage V Working
Capacity Power Consumption
GW-0.05-100/1 380(6 Pulse) 100 500 1000 750 0.05 800
GW-0.15-100/1 380(6 Pulse) 100 500 1000 750 0.15/0.12 820
GW-0.25-160/1 380(6 Pulse) 160 500 1000 750 0.25/0.2 790
GW-0.3-250/1 380(6 Pulse) 250 500 1000 750 0.3 770
GW-0.5-250/1 380(6 Pulse) 250 500 1000 1500 0.5 770
GW-0.75-400/1 380(6 Pulse) 400 500 1000 1500 0.75 770
GW-1-500/1 380(6 Pulse) 500 500 1000 1500 1 750
GW-1-750/1 380/690(6 Pulse) 750 500/880 1000 1500 1 720
GW-1.5-1000/0.5 690(6 Pulse) 1000 880 500 2600 1.5 700
GW-2-1500/0.5 690(6 Pulse) 1500 880 500 2600 2 675
GW-3-2500/0.5 1000(6 Pulse) 2500 1250 500 3200 3 590-640
GW-4-3000/0.5 1000(6 Pulse) 3000 1250 500 3200 4 590-640
GW-5-4000/0.5 1000(12Pulse) 4000 1250 500 3400 5 570-630
GW-10-6000/0.5 1000(12Pulse) 6000 1250 500 3400 10 570-630
GW-15-10000/0.25 1000(24 Pulse) 10000 1250 250 3400 15 550-600
GW-20-12000/0.25 1000(24 Pulse) 12000 1200 250 3400 20 550-600
GW-25-14000/0.25 1000(24 Pulse) 14000 1200 150~200 3400 25 550-600
GW-30-16000/0.2 1000(24 Pulse) 16000 1200 150~200 3400 30 550-600
GW-40-18000/0.2 1000(24 Pulse) 18000 1200 150~200 3400 40 550-600
GW-50-20000/0.2 1000(24 Pulse) 20000 1200 150-200 3400 50 550-600

Full Safety Protection Device in Metal Melting Furnace:


1, Over voltage protection:  machine shuts down when input voltage is over 380V. Over voltage light will turn on and buzzer will sound continuously. Alarm and light shut off automatically when voltage goes below 380V.
2, Overheat protection: if sensor detects heat radiator temperature is over 55°C, machine will shut down, overheat light will turn on and buzzer will sound continuously. Increase water pressure or lower water temperature until alarm goes off itself.
3, Overcurrent/malfunction protections: machine will shut down, indicator light turned on and buzzer sounds continuously if one of these situations occurs:
a, One of the machine parts becomes overheated
b, Interfering signal detected
c, Short circuit between workpieces and induction coils
d, Machine malfunctions
e, Induction coils touching each other
f, Input voltage is too low
4, Low water pressure protection: if water pressure goes below standard pressure, machine will shut down, water protection light will turn on and buzzer will sound continuously.

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