Bright Annealing Furnace

Continuous Mesh Belt Conveyor Muffle Furnace

COOLDO Continuous Mesh Belt Conveyor Muffle Furnace is specifically designed to service for a wide range of heat treat such as Hardening, Carburising, Carbonitriding, Washing, bright Annealing, Tempering, isothermal Annealing and Stress Relieving. Also the Chamber can be incorperate within the speical design of mufll tank for atmosphere protecion. The furnace suitable for standard parts industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, hardware industry, Carbonitriding conditioning light treatment.


Temperature: 950℃
Mechanism: High degree of automatic
Chamber: muffle tank for atmosphere portection.
Temperaturel control: High uniformity temperature.

Description of Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace with Gas Carburizing:


mesh-belt-conveyor-muffle-furnace-for-heat-treatingCOOLDO supply a comprehensive range of top-notch quality Conveyor Furnace. These products are widely used for various heat treatments. Manufactured with the latest scientific technologies and high grade raw materials. Owing to the international standard, these products are available in various sizes meeting our esteemed clients’ requirements.

Design: Multi-temperature zones on basis of  application are available
Temperature control: Automated temperature control on programming and recording
Muffle tank: The muffle can make the gas tightly inside the heating chambers for circulation of protective gas
Mechanism: High degree of automation and complete automatic feeding
Safety protection: Equipped all kinds of interlock device for safety operation.

Parameter of Continuous Mesh Belt Conveyor Muffle Furnace:

Item  Power 
Phase Voltage
Zone size
RCM-45-9 Furnace 45 3 380 950 2400x220x60
RCM-60-9 Furnace 60 3 380 950 2600x300x60
RCM-75-9 Furnace 75 3 380 950 3700x300x60
RCM-90-9 Furnace 90 3 380 950 4700x300x80
RCM-120-9 Furnace 120 3 380 950 4700x400x80
RCM-150-9 Furnace 150 3 380 950 4700x500x80

Continuous Mesh Belt Atmoshpere Protective Furnace On site:



Feature of Continuous Mesh Belt Gas Nitriding Furnace:

1), Conveyor mesh belt made from heat resistant alloy wire, guiding moving through furnace bottom plate support under the marching type transmission mechanism, to make sure mesh belt in a state of relaxation at high temperature, to improve the mesh belt life and running smoothness.

2),  Muffle tank use heat resistant steel forming and welded together to be a sealed tank after stamping, equipped with gas curtain pipe at muffle mouth , has blanking port and mesh belt at the end of muffle tank , mesh belt back channel is equipped with water cooling and water seal, ensure good sealing of the furnace and gas consumption is small.

3),  Mesh belt speed can be adjusted through mechanical stepless speed regulating motor.

4), Blanking channel have oil curtain mechanism, smoking mechanism, oil mixing mechanism and heat exchange device, can ensure the realization of the heat treatment process.

Applicaiton of Continuous Mesh Belt Conveyor Vacuum Furnace:


continuous-mesh-belt-conveyor-muffle-furnace-applicationApplication:  Suitable for standard parts industry( Spring, Screw, wrench, screw, pliers, sleeve, jack , etc.); automobile and motorcycle industry , hardware industry (clips, knife , nails, shoes iron core, nail clippers, chain , hook locks , etc.), The thin-layer carburizing oftextile machinery industry(≤0.3mm), Carbonitriding conditioning light treatment such as quenching heat treatment

Continuous Mesh Belt Quenching and Tempering with Muffle furnace Video:


Mesh Belt Vedio