XRF Gold Tester: Test The Precious Metals With Precision

When dealing with precious metals it is very important that you are very accurate in your calculations and measurements. Little ups and downs can cause a lot of profit or loss. In the professional field, before a metal is brought in for an exchange, melting or selling, its purity needs to be tested to identify the percentage of impurities present in the metal being tested. One of the most efficient equipment for this purpose is the XRF Gold Purity Analyzer.


What makesXRF Gold Purity Analyzer so great?

Well, when it comes to metal testing precision, accuracy and performance are three of the most important criteria to judge a machine’s eligibility. Having a powerful quick responding equipment can save your time and a lot of effort. This is the reason why XRF Gold Purity Analyzer  is such a reliable equipment when it comes to testing metals like gold and silver on a professional level. It easy user interface makes it convenient for everyone to learn its usage. However, during installation one person is trained with all the skills that are needed to operate the equipment efficiently. It has a precision of +/- 0.01% with a huge range of metals that it can test including gold, silver, lead, Zinc, Copper, and at least Ten other metals. What is even better is the fact that it doesn’t need metals in a solid state to test them. It is intelligent enough to test metals in a liquid and powdery state as well. Its response time is quick and handling is easy which makes it a great choice of equipment to be invested in. It can work in all types of environments be it overly humid or at very high temperatures. More than that it provides analytical flexibility as well which can come in handy for research purposes.


How is it operated?

It is simple and fairly easy to understand. You get the machine started and open the software on your computers. Wait for the system to prepare itself before placing the metal on the testing tray. XRF Gold Purity Analyzer is efficient enough to test metals as small as 1-2mm spot +<40micron as well with extreme precision. Wait for a while till the machine analyses the metal and prepares the result. Within just a few seconds it will have the results compiled and displayed on the screens. A great tool to have especially if you are looking for convenience with style. With its unique compatible shape, it can be placed anywhere easily and would require little power input to work. The results are displayed with different color schemes to highlight the different metals present.

The XRF Gold Purity Analyzer and analyzer comes with high voltage protection and active radiation protection. The machine is good for testing and analyzing purposes. A safe and stable machine to use which has the capability to test and display the results in no time at all.