Pneumatic Furnace Lining Building Process

Furnace Lining Building for induction furnace Description:


1, According to technology requirements, put the asbesto plates or mica plates inside the furnace and stick on the refractory mortar chamber wall.
2, Put the asbesto cloth inside the asbesto plates, and fix by piston ring.The length of the asbesto cloth must be 300mm higher than furnace mouth top level and pressed by heavy object.
3, Set the stainless steel wire for grounding first and Bending at 90 degree, the wire should get it up through the furnace bottom lining.
Add lining to furnace bottom in 120mm silica sand per time, the other lining material added should less than 80mm per time.
4, After lining added, make the lining smooth by rammer fork and spade, and ramm four times to remove air. This can be done by machine or manual. If necessary, add 2nd lining, and remove air repeatly, untill reach required hight.
5, Lifitng the vibration plate into the chamber, and slowly lowering to the center of furnace bottom. Then Losen the load hook, let the vibration plate completely press and cover furnace bottom.

6, Full open the pneumatic valve for a while to check whether the vibrator is fixed firmly. Adjusting the pneumatic valve to make vibrator work and the Vibration time is around 10-15 minutes. During the peroid of working, should change the air pressure several times. Change the vibration frequency for geting the best effect.
7, Start vibrator at low speed then lifting up slowly. Check the density of furnace bottom lining material. Measuring the level of furnace bottom by gradienter and Removing the those lining which higher than the lever. Scarifying the bottom lining surface which is between the crucible outer circle and the furnace side wall.
8, Adjust the vibrator locating pin and make the maximum distance in 30mm between three vibrator heads and the crucible mold wall. If the crucible mold bottom is a longer cone part, firstly adjust vibrator to suit the cone part, after completely finished this part, adjust to suit the up crucible mold part for vibrating.
9, Lifting the crucible mold into the center of chamber. Fix the crucible mold and furnace mouth firmly br press plate, to avoid crucible mold moves when vibrating.
10, Add furnace side wall lining in batches, the lining height is the same with bottom lining. After each batch lining adding, remove air by rammer fork. When adding lining to certain height, take out the piston ring, repeat this process untill the lining add to full.
11, Lifting the furnace into the furnace chamber and lower down to bottom.
12, Turn on the pneumatic valve to rated pressure to start vibrating. Lift up the vibrator step by step, usually each 100mm height to vibrate about 1.5-2 minutes. At the down cone part of crucible mold, may needs more times(2-3 times) to adjust distance between the rammer and crucible mold inner side wall.
13, During the ramming to side wall, add lining in time after vibration compaction. In order to avoid the lining loosen again, should use smaller rammer force to finish the ramming at the top location of crucible mold.

Video Link of Pneumatic Furnace Lining Builder