Magnesium alloy melting furnace

Magnesium alloy is the  alloy which is composed of magnesium as base and other elements.

In the process of melting magnesium alloy, the most important is to effectively prevent the oxidation or combustion of metal.So we need the Special magnesium alloy melting furnace system  adopts the composite crucible, sealed gas protection, solid furnace, aging furnace, annealing furnace are all special low emission components and gas protection, etc.

Cooldo manufacture the magnesium melting furnace feature:

Cooldo manufacture the magnesium melting furnace

  • Temperature control method: Adopt the  automatic control cabinet of microcomputer program, which can automatic set the technology of aluminum alloy melting. Inside of cabinet have a Large plate type SCR, which can automatic or manual control or adjust the power from small to big, 0-100%step-less output. according with the melting technology requirements, the client can set heating rate per section, holding temperature per section, holding time per section, also you can set 8 section technology curve.
  • Structure description: Include of steel furnace body assembly, furnace lining , resistance tape, crucible, double hydraulic tilting systems etc.
  • furnace body: Roll up a round type furnace body and seal welded. the upper of furnace made by place and fixed with the furnace body by bolt.
  • furnace lining: Adopt the Ceramic fiber high-voltage module lining with energy saving and emission reducing technology. The resistance tape installed on the rack with high alumina refractory.
  • Resistance tape: Adopt OCr25Al5 resistance tape to make a corrugate and arranged around the chamber.
  • Crucible: Adopt Heat resistant steel crucible for aluminum Resistance Melting furnace
  •  Adopt Argon protection crucible for  Magnesium Resistance Melting furnace
  • Hydraulic system: Adopt double hydraulic tilting system with hydraulic station system.