Notices for installation Of High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

  1. Before mounting, please read the Installation & Operation Guide for Induction Heating Equipment carefully;
    2. Pay attention to the electric installation, as this equipment belongs to high-power device, its connection must
    be firm, try to reduce contact resistance in electrical connection part, must not hang the power line on the power
    grid simply;
    3. When connecting single-phase power of 220V, one should be connected with live wire, the other should be
    connected with zero wire, must not add earthing wire instead of zero wire;
    4. Pay attention to installation of induction coil: (1) When the diameter of induction coil is <100mm, don’t use
    single-turn induction coil, otherwise, the equipment may be damaged due to overhigh working frequency; (2)
    When installing the induction coil, must not use mackintosh or similar materials, as the induction coil should be
    conductive with water and electricity, using mackintosh would lead to bad electric contact, and make the
    equipment hard to start or cause other fault; if the connection part of induction coil leaks water, just burn the
    copper bell mouth at the connection part, then anneal and make it soft to improve the seal; (3) if it is necessary to
    change the induction coil frequently, in order to avoid slipped thread of the screw connecting with the induction
    coil, the “induction coil transfer connector” is recommended, i.e. install the transfer connector on the equipment,
    then install the induction coil on the transfer connector, thus to reduce maintenance caused by slipped thread of
    the screw connecting with the induction coil;
    5. SMJRG-15 common type equipment has no water-pressure protection function, please use tin soldering when
    welding the induction coil, but not hard soldering or silver soldering, the tin soldering joint would burnt out in
    seconds if there is no cooling water, thus to protect the equipment;
    6. Pay attention to separated connection installation: when installing the quick connector of separated
    connection cable, must rotate it before wedging in, to reach a good connection effect; as the cable often swings
    during using, the quick connector would easily be loosened, and lead to bad contact and even faults. Advices: (1)
    when installing, tweak an angle in reverse, insert in the quick connector and lock up, let the cable be free from
    tweaking force exactly; (2) check the locking situation of cable often; (3) fix the cable at the quick connector part,
    let the quick connector be unaffected by cable’s swing during operation