Why the price varies so much between gold measurement instrument

Why the price  varies so much between gold measurement instrument?

Due to the different principle of the gold detector lead to price differences

At present, there are two kinds of gold tester on the  market instruments: XRF gold testing machine and  hydrometer  gold measuring instrument.

First of all,  hydrometer  gold measuring instrument. Adopt the Archimedes principle and modern microelectronics technology, Get the result of the purity Through the detection of precious metal density of samples . Can directly read gold K value, platinum PT value, density value, purity percentage and so on, This principle  gold measuring instrument on the market whose price is about $1,500usd , and the detection accuracy is about 4.13%.

 hydrometer gold measuring instrument.


Second, the spectral gold detector adopt the technology  of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry ,(XRF) working principles is to utilize X-ray excitation of the measured object surface.So that  the  surface atoms in the surface can  occurs Energy level transition ,X-rays are received by the detector,And then we can get the result of the elemental composition.by comparing the energy spectrum analysis .

Spectrometers Gold Testing Machine.This type of instrument has an unparalleled advantage of the hydrometer:


1:Non-destructive: Non-destructive testing, without any consumables:

2:Precision: Detector  imported from USA of Si-PIN detector, all elements can accurately detect

3:Convenient: Integrated industrial computer, dual-touch screen display design, smooth and convenient operation

4:Fast: 3 seconds of qualitative identification of samples, 60 seconds test results can be drawn

5:Intuitive: high-definition graphics real-time display, test results intuitively clear

6:Security: the installation of radiation protection devices, can  protection of the safety of operators

The Spectrometer gold and precious metals detection accuracy of up to 0.01%, compared to the hydrometer  gold measuring instrument. accuracy is much higher, So that the XRF gold testing machine price is much higher.

Gold Testing Machine operation