Gold Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine

Bullion Casting Machine

Precious Metal Vacuum casting machine is designed for those ingot casting of gold, silve or other precious metal on basis of the customized mould. In the process of metal heating, The machine can vacumm pumping or inert gas inflate to make the gold or silver ingot surface looks more bright and smoothy, and without any oxidized or other loss.
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1, Four Pieces gold casting a time
2, Vacuum protection during heating process.
3, Continuous process monitoring by sensors

Gold Vacuum Casting Machine Video:

vacuum melting machine-tilte                                  

Gold Vacuum Casting Machine Description:


PLC Control Type

vacuum casting mahcine PLC strcture


Common Type


vacuum melting machine-structure

Gold Vacuum Casting Machine Parameter :
vacuum gold casting machine

Model CDO-F2 CDO-F4
Spec. 2 PCS gold a time 4 PCS gold a time
Power 45kw 70kw
Voltage 3P/380V 3P/380V
Suitable Metal Gold,Silver Gold,Silver
Melting Time 6 min 6 min
Cooling Time 6 min 7 min
Capacity 2kg Gold 4kg Gold
Temperature 1600℃ 1600℃
Overall Size 1400*700*1200(mm) 1600*700*1200(mm)
Machine Weight 210KG 230KG

Gold Vacuum Casting Machine Control Panel :

operation panel