Gold testing machine/equipment

Gold Testing Equipment

SAP9600E Gold testing machine is fast technique,nondestructive,highly accurate method to determine gold concentration in gold,jewelry,precious metal alloy and any other metal samples. It provides on-the-spot analysis of your smpleles,which can enhance customer confidence and ensure reliability of dealer.


1.Test Precision :0.01%-99.99%
2.Testable Elements:gold,silver,copper,platinum,iridium,cadmium palladium etc
3.Test area:1-2mm spot +<40 micron 4.Test time: Typical 60 seconds (operator could set the time according to situation)

Operation of XRF Gold Jewelry Testing Equipment




1. You get the machine started and open the software on your computers. Wait for the system to prepare itself before placing the metal on the testing tray.

2.Wait for a while till the machine analyses the metal and prepares the result. Within just a few seconds it will have the results compiled and displayed on the screens.

3.The results are displayed with different color schemes to highlight the different metals present.

Description of precious metal testing equipment/machine

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of consumer awareness, pepole pay more attention to distinguish quality of jewelry,there are many bad phenomenon of “fake jewelry”,”fake gold” in the market. Our XRF gold testing machine is ready to serve your business, which will increase your customer base,improve your Customer’s confidence when they to purchase from your shop. The traditional testing methods(such as fire assay and chemical ways)are not only ruinous but also take long time to prepare samples.

It’s a polyelemental testing alternative that is quicker and less inexpensive than fire assay and chemical tests. The traditional testing methods(such as fire assay and chemical ways)are not only ruinous but also take long time to prepare samples. Our gold testing machine can achieve immediate analysis, save your precious time;non-destructive testing, needn’t broken the jewelry or gold bullion;and detection accuracy.

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Feature of Cooldo gold purity testing machine

1.Active radiation protection
2.High Voltage protection
3.X-ray Tube overheating protection
4.Extension wire and the auxiliary bracket
5.Eliminated models preferential change
6.Buck-boost pre-boot
7. Printer
8, Precision:0.01%
9.Remote installation and training
10.One year warranty ,lifelong free up grades of software

Application of Cooldo Gold Test Machine

  • Jewellery Manufacturers
    Hallmark Centers
    Precious Metal Refineries
    Test Centers
    Pawn shops
    Hallmark Centers
    Jewellery retailers
    Bullion, old gold & metal traders

Product Specification of gold purity testing machine

1.Analysis range:1%-99.99%
2.Precision: +/- 0.01% under optimized test conditions with homogenous sample
3.Operating Environment: Temperature -11~46 degree ,Humidity ≤ 70% , High Voltage: 4~50KV/0~1mA
4.Testable Elements: Au/Ag/Cu/Pt/Pd/Ni/Zn/Cd/Ir/Mn/Fe/Co/W/Os/Pb/Ru/Cr/Rh
5.Main Structure: High-strength metal frame and industry plastic shell
6.Test area:1-2mm spot +<40micron
7.Detector: si-pin dioe detector
9.N/G Weight(KG): 29/ 39
10.Size(mm): 490*450*430
11.Software:xrf 7.0 with auto adjustment of hardware parameter for superior performance

12. Integrated an industrial computer with industrial motherboard & multi-point hand touch. Providing best operation experience.

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Advantage of gold testing equipment

1.Umdamge: Non-destructive testing, didn’t require damage material
2.Precision: Si-Pin detector from USA, accurately detect to all elements
3.Convenient: Integrated industrial computer, dual-touch screen display design, smooth and convenient operation
4.Fast: 3 seconds of qualitative identification of samples, 60 seconds can receive test results
5.Intuitive: high-definition graphics real-time display, test results intuitively clear
6.Security: the installation of radiation protection devices, active protection of the safety of operators
Spectrometer gold and precious metals detection accuracy of up to 0.01%, much higher precision than normal tester.